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5 hacks to SPRING into your wardrobe!

The weather’s warming up and those winter clothes you’ve been comfortably living in are no longer suitable. If you’re anything like me your wardrobe needs to be updated but where to start? As you renew the blade on your razor and try to decide whether last year’s swimmers are still ok for you to be seen out in public, it’s also time to review your winter to spring outfits

We’ve brought in the expert, Kerry from Kerry’s Style Sessions, for inspiration and guidance on tips for style with comfort. 

The best thing about winter clothing is that it covers plenty of lumps and bumps. It’s more challenging to hide anything with less material. So the immediate realisation that we’ve probably neglected our body yet again hits us like a freak hail storm. 

COVID certainly hasn’t helped. Going into restrictions as we approached winter gave us the perfect excuse to move less and sit longer in our ‘comfy’ clothes. As the warm weather finally arrives we’ll be madly descaling our legs, de-fuzzing our body, dressing up our fingers and toes, and maybe even booking a spray tan! 

So let’s take a look at how we can make an easier transition coming out of winter into spring and still keep the comfort that we have all grown to love. 

1. Swapping jackets

Pack away your puffer jackets, winter coats, and Oodies. For those who aren’t in the know, an Oodie is that very very soft, comfy oversized hoodie in your wardrobe. Replace them with a denim jacket or a lightweight long trench cardigan.  

Blazers are a fabulous must-have item you need in your wardrobe. They are trans-seasonal, can be worn casually, dressed up, or worn in the workplace. Add a couple of different styles and colours to your wardrobe for variation. 


2. Tips for tops

Replace chunky knits with lightweight cotton knits and introduce ¾ length sleeves. Wear tops that are made from Polyester. When worn out, they hang really nicely and are far more flattering than a cotton tee. Save the tees for layering when you might need some extra warmth. 

V-necks are very flattering and can be worn by most people. The more skin that’s exposed around the neckline and décolletage area, the better. V-necks are a great way to minimise the bust and slim down the upper body. 


3. Transitioning from trackies

Have you become so attached to your trackies that you’re reluctant to put them back in your wardrobe? Fear not, there are still some really comfy, elasticated alternatives that are just a tad nicer looking! 

There’s such an array of styles when it comes to jeans, choose the ones that are made from super stretchy fabrics. Pull the legs to feel how stretchy the material is. The stretchier they are, the comfier they are to wear. Don’t forget to go down a size, as once you’ve worn them a few times, they’ll be substantially baggier. 

If you wear long pants, choose a pair with an elasticated waist, or a higher waist. The legs can be loose and taper down to a flattering ankle length. Try to avoid mid-calf length pants as these will cut your legs off and make them look shorter. 

I personally wear my jeans very little now as I find elasticated long pants are so much easier and comfier to wear, and there are so many smart options. You can still have the feel of trackies without the traditional look of them!


4. Stepping into spring

If you’re like me, then you’ve probably still got COVID feet. Dry skin, bad cuticles, maybe a hairy toe and nail polish that has managed to stay on since the virus arrived in Australia! 

My feet have been covered up for months so the plan now is to bring them out of hibernation. You might feel a little bit reluctant to transfer from boots to sandals, flats, or anything that shows some part of the foot. Start to make the move now. Start moisturising and add a splash of colour to those tootsies.

If you’ve been wearing stockings with your winter dresses, or have just let it grow, now’s the time to get the body exfoliator, razor, and moisturise out. I love the look of a great dress worn with ankle boots and nude legs. If you feel a little exposed, simply apply a light covering of fake tan. 


5. Spring accessories

Complete your outfit with a scarf. Scarves are perfect for spring especially if you’re still feeling a chill around the neck. Choose scarves made from lightweight fabrics instead of a knit, and ones that are light in colour. 

Likewise, with handbags. For spring I would choose lighter tones. Tie your scarf around the bag handle to accessorise if you don’t need to wear it. 

Book a session

There’s nothing better than feeling pampered when you’re with your friends. Kerry offers styling sessions and it’s the perfect way to spend a girls night out. Get together with a few of your nearest and dearest, and enjoy bubbly and nibbles while Kerry helps style you with the amazing clothes in her collection. Looking for a different idea for a Christmas party? It’s a great idea if you’re looking to get a few of you together to celebrate the season. What better Christmas present can you give to yourself?

Now’s the perfect time to take a look at your existing wardrobe and give it a little spring clean! Start packing away some of your heavier winter clothes. Think about what you haven’t worn for over a year, or you’re not so sure about and move it out if it’s time. The best advice for wearing your wardrobe well is to not save clothes for ‘going out’, start wearing them now. 

We don’t need to start wearing tight-fitting, skimpy clothing either, just because the weather is warming up. Be kind to yourself and ease your way into the new season. Clothes should always make you feel good, be comfortable, and super easy to wear. Give Kerry a call and get yourself ready for summer!



Kerry’s Styling Sessions | Hang up your self doubts and design a new you!

Kerry Brownell – Business owner

Description: Kerry offers a comprehensive approach to ‘life styling’. Her studio in Warners Bay is a warm, welcoming and supported environment empowering you to feel confident about your wardrobe choices. Kerry works with you to take away all the obstacles you have about what to wear and how to wear it. Kerry will show you how to create certain looks based on your body shape, colours and lifestyle activities. Feeling confident and comfortable in what you wear will not only improve your body image, but you’ll look and feel amazing!

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