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Where can you use your Active Kids Voucher in Lake Macquarie?

Have you applied for your NSW Active Kids voucher yet?  The NSW Active Kids Vouchers are for children aged between 4 1/2 years and 18 years who are enrolled in school (from Kindergarten through to Year 12, children who are home-schooled or attending secondary education at TAFE NSW).  Each child must be a NSW resident with a current Medicare card.  

Are you eligible?

From July 2023, each eligible child can apply for one $50 voucher which can be used towards sports and active recreation activities with registered providers.  To find out more about whether your child is eligible here: Active Kids Voucher eligibility

Have you applied?

The voucher expires on 31st January 2024 so make sure you’ve used it before that time. Next year the rules change and vouchers are planned to only be available to NSW kids whose families claim Family Tax Benefit Part A. To apply for the current voucher click here: Active Kids Voucher Application

Lake Mac Family Life providers

It’s so easy to apply for your NSW active kids voucher. The hard bit is deciding where you are going to use it! We have some amazing sports and active recreation activity providers that will accept your voucher in our directory. 

Check out our very own Lake Mac Family Life businesses who accept these vouchers here:

To find more places click here:  Active Kids Search Provider

With so many places to choose from and a really simple application process now is the time to find an activity that your child will love and your hip pocket will appreciate.

What about the Creative Kids Voucher? Click here to find out more.

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