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Advertisers FAQ

Welcome to our FAQ section.

We’ve collated the following Frequently Asked Questions from our business listings and enquiries.

 If you still have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

There are 2 listing options for business.

  1. Featured Listing $250/yr
  2. Standard Listing $199/yr

Both listing options have to same inclusions, however our featured list sits above the standard list in each category. So this means if you take a featured listing, your position will be secured for as long as you list with us. A standard listing will move down as new featured listings join our directory.

All our business listings go in date order, so the sooner you list your business the better position you’ll have. 


Head back to the ‘Advertise With Us‘ page to join our directory. 

You can list events with us for FREE if you have your business listed in our Business Directory, or you can choose a Featured Event for $100 if you don’t have a business listed in our Business Directory. You can list an evet up to 8 weeks before the event date.


Listing a job on Lake Mac Family Life is FREE. 


Head back to the ‘Advertise With Us‘ page and click the blue button to list your job.

Yes. You can create an event or a job listing without a business listing, however, if you have a business listing it can be linked to your business and it will also appear on your business page. 

Linking an event or a job to your business means visitors can easily find it. This link is selected during the event or job listing process and will appear in your Listing Dashboard.

Here’s all the business categories on our website so you know exactly what you’re looking for during the listing process.

We suggest looking at this list prior to submitting your listing, so you can plan the most effective position for your business.

Please be mindful that your category needs to be specific to your business. If your business is kids yoga, then this is the only category you can be in. However, if your business crosses categories, such as a photographer for example, your business can be listed in photography and weddings. You can select up to 3 categories in this instance.
Any placement in the wrong categories will not be approved so our directory stays valuable and not confusing to the visitor.

To make your listing look amazing you need to resize your images before you add them.

Business Listing 

1 x Main image – 1800×1200 jpg

6 x Gallery images – 640×427 jpg

1 x Icon image (logo) – 200×200 jpg

Event Listing

1 x Main image – 1800×1200 jpg

6 x Gallery images – 640×427 jpg

Job Listing

1 x logo – 200×200 jpg

If you can’t do this yourself, ask a friend who might be able to help, or we have someone who can do it for you at a fee. Please fill out the contact form below and we will pass on her details.

If you have multiple locations around Lake Macquarie and the one single business name, we suggest putting ‘Lake Macquarie’ as your suburb. In the description field, you can add the locations with addresses, phone numbers and hours of operation for each location.

Absolutely! You don’t need to have any other presence online. You will need a main image and the icon/logo for your listing to be accepted. See the Q&A question above on ‘What image sizes do I need for a listing?”

We have lots of ways you can connect with our Lake Mac families.

You can book a call with Sonia and she will talk through all your options and answer any questions.

Book a phone call with Sonia

If you would like to book one of our advertising space, we will provide you with the ad sizes but it’s up to you to organise the creative.

You can DIY it by using an awesome tool called Canva. It’s a free program and they have lots of set templates you can use and tutorials to learn from. Please note, it does need to look professional, so we highly recommend showing it to some friends or Sonia can also review it for you.

Another option is to outsource it. We have someone who can do this for you at a fee. Please talk to Sonia about this on your call with her.

Easy peasy! You have full access to your user account through your Listing Dashboard. Your Listing Dashboard can be accessed through the blue button at the bottom of any page on our website. It’s labelled “Listing Dashboard”.

In the dashboard you will see all the activity in your account.

  • How many people have viewed each listing
  • Types of devices used by the viewer
  • Where the visitor has come from on the website (referrer)
  • Platform used by the viewer
  • Types of browsers used by the viewer

and all your account details, listings and various information you can use to make the most of your listing.

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