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How does champagne, nibbles and playing ‘dress ups’ sound?

From the moment we walked in we knew it was going to be fun. I’ll admit, I’m not a girlie girl, and I’m getting older. I have lumps and bumps in all of the wrong places. When I was younger I loved clothes shopping. Now, not at all. But I challenge you…to step inside one of Kerry’s Styling Sessions and see for yourself what an amazing experience it is. From the outside it looks like any of the other warehouses, but, on the inside it’s a cocoon of loveliness. Sparkling lampshades, beautiful colours, soft furnishings and racks of clothing that immediately made my fingers begin to twitch at the thought of what I could find.


Group styling session

As we walked through the door, apprehensive, Kerry greeted us looking stylish and beautiful as always. We were all immediately at ease. It was clear she wanted us to feel at home straightaway. We arrived as a team building day out, and boy were we in for an awesome styling session. These sessions can last anywhere from 2 hours to up to 4. As a group of no more than 6, you start by spending about an hour with Kerry. It’s a perfect idea for a friend’s get together, a celebration or a work team-building like us. She talks you through your shape and what clothing will suit you best. She challenges you to try on clothes that you’re convinced will not suit you in a million years. And you’re wrong. They do. This is when you start to feel good. Really good.


Size doesn’t matter

Our group were all different shapes and sizes. Kerry has something to suit everyone. She stocks sizes from 6 up to approximately 20-22. But she’s adamant not to think about your size as a number. As she said, when you go and buy a pair of shoes, you don’t obsess that you are a size 8. You try the shoes and if they don’t fit you go up or down as necessary. No second thought. That’s how she wants us to feel about clothing. You’re not a size 14 or 16 or 18. It either fits or it doesn’t. And you need to go up or down as needed. We all loved this concept, finally it wasn’t about trying to fit into the stock standard expectations in the shops.


Feel good about yourself

Kerry’s philosophy is all about how clothes should make you feel good. We’ve all seen someone who we think has the most amazing figure, but just doesn’t wear their clothes with confidence. Conversely, someone who might not have the ‘perfect’ figure but is rocking their clothes, and it’s completely obvious that they feel as amazing as they look! That’s who you should be. Rocking! I can tell you this is exactly how we all felt when our session was over. 

Bubbles and nibbles!

Once Kerry has led you through a styling journey, she spends the rest of the time with you helping you select the best options for your shape and colour. What you’ll find, is the styling lesson you’ve just enjoyed then translated into your clothes choices and everything clicks together. While you’re looking through the clothing and disappearing into the changing rooms there are a beautiful selection of bubbles and nibbles for you to enjoy. Kerry hand-makes all her nibbles and a glass of bubbles certainly calms the nerves and creates a relaxed atmosphere.


Girlie night out fun

This was such a fun day out with our team. Something you can do with your girlfriends one evening as a girlie night out. You could get together with a few friends to celebrate your birthday, Christmas or just getting the night off from the kids! Got a man in your life that loves clothing? Kerry offers a great men’s clothing range which can be included in a group, or maybe a one-on-one private session.

Shop local

Kerry’s clothing is reasonably priced. We all loved how you can pull together an amazing outfit without breaking the bank. However for Kerry, it’s not about selling clothes, it’s about making women and men feel good about how they look. 

If you find yourself wishing you’d got that jacket or top you were umming and ahhing about, Kerry is open Wednesday and Thursday between 11 am and 2 pm and again on Saturday 9 am until 1 pm. You can even arrange for her to come to your home and edit your wardrobe making sure you have the right pieces. Kerry doesn’t promote volume in a wardrobe, rather shows you how to mix and match. 

We had the most wonderful time and came out feeling confident and happy for a lovely afternoon together. Get in touch with Kerry and book your next gathering now.

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