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Get the details: NSW Stage1 easing of restrictions UPDATED WITH JUNE 1 DETAILS

From Monday 1st June Beauty & Nail Services can open under strict guidelines

Joining the easing of restrictions, the beauty industry welcomes news, they too can open their doors.

Premier Berejiklian says: “Whilst this is positive news, the key is introducing practices to protect the safety of both customers and beauticians,” “It is vital staff and clients of beauty and nail salons abide by the one person per 4 square metres rule with no more than 10 clients at any one time.”


From Monday 1st June, pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes, bars to allow for up to 50 patrons.

Premier Gladys Berejiklisn has just announced the easing of restrictions for June 1st for NSW venues. Social distancing still applies with the 4 square meter rule still in place. If a cafe is only 80 square meters then only 20 people can be in there at once. No more than 10 people per booking. Gladys mentioned there will be guidelines such as no buffet serving or shared cutlery on the tables and seated only no dancing just yet. NSW will lead the way back for our hospitality sector. This will breathe new life into the economy and get people back into jobs safely.



From Monday 1st June, regional travel will be allowed in NSW.

Social distancing still applies and hygiene, so keep your distance and wash your hands. Holidays must be booked in advance to ensure accommodation is opened and has availability, as well as holiday activities. Regional flights will most likely resume with potential for mandatory masks for everyone flying. The NSW snow season will not open on June 1st, however, they are confident they can meet restrictions and open this season.

Ms Berejiklian said removing the non-essential travel ban was “great news” for people in her state “and of course, New South Wales is always open to welcome people from other states”. “We intend to keep our borders open. We think that’s best for New South Wales but also best for Australia.”

NSW’s cultural institutions like museums, art galleries, and libraries will also be allowed to open from the same date.



From Monday 25th May, public school children are to return back to school full-time in NSW.

Each school will implement its own drop-off and pick-up system for parents. They will also make their own decisions around recess and lunch breaks and no assembly or excursions are allowed. Schools will be implementing hygiene and cleaning processes each day and parents are being asked to use their own transport where possible. School busses will operate as normal. If children need to catch a public bus it’s a limit of 12. They advised checking seat availability via an appropriate app if you are relying on a public bus to get your child to school. Attendance is expected.



From Friday, 15th May, NSW will have a slight easing of COVID-19 restrictions, referred to as NSW Stage 1.

Here in Lake Macquarie, we know that every time there’s a change this can cause confusion as we get used to what we can and can’t do. Here at Lake Mac Family Life, we want to help you unpick the changes and understand a little more about what you’re allowed to do or not to do. We will look at each of the new restrictions and what they mean in a little more detail.

It’s important to remember that we’re still expected to maintain hand hygiene, social distance and protect those that are vulnerable in our community including people aged over 70. If you are feeling even a little unwell do not leave your home and arrange for a COVID-19 test.


5 visitors can visit any household at any one time

You are now allowed to have 5 people visit your household at any time. These people can come from multiple households, so for example, it can be a group of your friends. These five people include children. You can have as many people as you like to visit you over the course of a day but in total there can never be more than 5 people visiting at any one time.  

The Premier stated that if you have 4 children and you want to visit a household with your partner (so 6 people in total) this isn’t allowed. You will need to leave someone at home. Your backyard is still counted as your household so you can have up to 5 people visit you there at any one time.

If you visit someone and need to stay overnight this is allowed, however, you are not allowed to go on holiday. Worried about how far you can travel? Have a look below at ‘Changes to the rules on travel’.


Outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people

You can have an outdoor gathering in a park or a public place. You might get together to have a picnic, enjoy a coffee or exercise. It’s up to you what you do as long as there are no more than 10 people in total including children. An outdoor gathering doesn’t mean you can have 10 people over for a BBQ in your backyard. That’s still counted as your home so the maximum visitors you can have at one time is still 5.


Changes to the rules on travel

Holidays are still not permitted during NSW stage 1 easing, whether that’s locally or regionally. You can travel for work and there is no limit to the distance you can travel. Try to avoid catching the peak time for public transport to stay safe.  

If you wish to visit family or friends who live a distance away the good news is you are able to do this. There’s no limit to the distance you can travel, you just can’t exceed the maximum number of visitors. Just remember you can’t travel for the purpose of a holiday.  

While NSW has not imposed any border restrictions there are restrictions in other states and you will need to comply with those. If you need to cross into another state make sure you check for up to date information on what their current requirements are.


Outdoor playgrounds and exercise equipment can be used and outdoor pools can be open with restrictions

For NSW Stage 1 restrictions, you can now take your children to the playground or exercise using outdoor gym equipment. You must use caution and assume that the person who used the equipment before you had COVID-19. That means before and after you use the equipment you should wash your hands. Ideally, you should also wipe down the equipment first. The rules on a maximum of 10 people gathering together still apply so if the playground or equipment is busy come back later.

You can now visit an outdoor pool. The changing rooms will not be open. You can have a maximum of one swimmer per lane and a maximum of ten people in the pool at any one time.


Cafes and restaurants can seat 10 patrons at any one time and still be open for takeaway (extended to pubs & clubs)

Each cafe and restaurant can make the best decision for their business with regards to whether they open. If they do choose to open they must apply the 4 square metre rule. Anyone who is not part of the same household must maintain social distancing. They can have up to 10 people seated at any one time. This rule applies as long as they can meet the above requirements.

For pubs and clubs who have a cafe or restaurant attached, they can also follow this rule, however, bars and gaming facilities will remain closed.


Weddings can have up to 10 guests plus the celebrant and couple, Indoor funerals can have up to 20 mourners and outdoor up to 30, Religious gatherings and places of worship can have up to 10 worshippers

You must continue to practice social distancing with any person who does not live within your household. The 4 square metre rule still applies and should be adhered to for indoor events. If you are feeling unwell you must stay home and arrange a COVID-19 test.


Buying or selling your home

From Saturday, 9th May open house inspections and auctions have been once again allowed with some restrictions. Real estates and vendors are encouraged to use digital platforms where possible. Social distancing must be maintained and a limited number of people can be in the property at any one time.  

Hand sanitizer should be provided and surfaces should avoid being touched. The property should be cleaned before and after inspection. A detailed record of who has visited the home must be maintained and kept by the real estate agent. Auctions should be done using outside areas if possible and the 4 square metre rule must be upheld. If someone is unwell they can not visit an open house or attend an auction.


We hope this answers some of the questions that will no doubt be raised over the coming weeks. As we move into Stage Two of restriction changes in the future we will once again try to shine a light on what they mean for you. 

Read all about Australia’s road map out of restrictions here.

Read more on how long Coronaviris lives outside the body.




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