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This ‘Donation Dollar’ is here to make a difference in Lake Macquarie

“A small coin made to make a difference” – The Royal Australian Mint

We’re constantly reminded to look and find positive outcomes from the turbulence of this pandemic. As parents, we adapt to change every day and we move forward. Not much holds us back. Yeah sure, there are times when we break, when we fall, but we get back up and keep going. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for everyone and many have suffered more during COVID-19 and will for some time to come. That’s where this little golden coin of hope can make a difference.


Donation Dollar

The Royal Australian Mint has released the first batch into circulation and it’s a worldwide first! The Donation Dollar is a legal currency of $1 however it carries a special message and hope. With the message ‘give to help others’ the idea is to give the coin to charity and help make an impact which is ongoing.

It looks different so you’ll notice it as soon as it hits your hand. Its green centre is very unique and never been created before on a gold coin. A gold ripple design emits from the centre, symbolising ongoing, positive effect that each donation can make in our community.

The goal is to introduce approximately 25 million coins over the next 3 years to represent one for each of us here in Australia.


Giving in Lake Macquarie

Charities and non-for-profits all around Lake Macquarie have not been sheltered from this pandemic. When was the last time you saw a fundraiser or a charity collection? So many in our community have lost their jobs and lost their way. For how long, we don’t know. This coin is here to remind us that giving makes a difference. It’s a great way for our kids to learn how to support others with the coins in their moneyboxes.


We encourage you to view this particular coin as hope. It’s not like the dollar coin that comes and goes from your change. It’s much more powerful than that. The green centre has superpowers to make a difference. Our kids can all become superheroes by collecting and donating these coins. Let’s show them how the small acts of generosity can make a big difference.



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Image sourced from the Donation Dollar Facebook page.

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