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Dugong Magic by Deborah Kelly: Dive into life as a dugong

This gorgeous book is so beautifully written by local Lake Mac author Deborah Kelly. The underlying message in this story will warm your heart and gently connect you with the challenges faced by dugongs. Children will journey along with the young dugong calf and experience how our human life impacts theirs. This book is perfect for children showing an interest in marine life, environmental effects and our greater ecology. Dugong Magic is beautifully illustrated by Lisa Stewart and will capture the imagination of young children all over the world.


What if humans cleared the sea of rubbish so that the seagrass could flourish again?

Deborah Kelly – Lake Macquarie author

We’re claiming her as our own but Deborah Kelly was born in New Zealand. With a degree in Marine Biology, it’s no wonder Dugong Magic gives our endangered dugong a voice. Deb is well known for many children’s books including a fictional series called Ruby Wishfingers. In late 2019, Deborah released ‘The Thing About Oliver‘. A story of a young girl dreaming of becoming a marine scientist who has a younger brother who is autistic. Adding to Deborah’s collection of stories, Dugong Magic is already making quite the splash.


Dugong Magic

For parents, this book allows you to talk about the importance of responsibility and how our actions play out in the marine environment. Download the teacher notes to extend learning beyond the book. At the back of the book you’ll also find  some valuable dugong facts to go through with the kids. Children 2 years and over will enjoy listening or reading this book.

The story follows the life of a new dugong calf, the bond with its mum and her teachings as the calf grows up. However, it’s the human impact on their lives, the noisy boats, the rubbish and the nets which eventually separates the calf from its mum. Offering solutions towards the end, children will feel empowered about change and how they can make a difference with better choices. The illustration throughout the book captures young imaginations and draws children deep into the story. The soft graphics and colours lead children through the warm, shallow waters of the Australian coastline.




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