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Ending homelessness in Lake Macquarie: The pledge we need to support.

Imagine being homeless in Lake Macquarie at the moment. With nighttime temperatures falling into single digits, added to the current rain and stormy weather. Imagine having nowhere to shelter. No place to keep your possessions dry. Homelessness in Lake Macquarie is not a choice. Nor is it simply a case of there being too few houses for those that need them. There are so many different reasons why people find themselves with nowhere to live. These can include but are not limited to, drug and alcohol abuse, relationship and family breakdowns, mental health issues, domestic violence, grief, and unemployment.  


Lake Macquarie statistics

Statistically, homelessness affects people aged under 35 years and those aged 55 years and over. In the 2016 census in Lake Macquarie, just over 400 people identified as being homeless.  Many people in this situation will not have completed the census so it’s safe to assume these figures are not accurate.  


Homelessness on the increase

Homelessness is classified as being where a person does not have suitable accommodation to meet their basic needs. Having somewhere safe, secure and stable to live should be a basic human right. However, in NSW homelessness has increased by 7%. This includes people who are rough sleepers, who couch surf by living temporarily with friends or family, who live in improvised structures or places that are severely overcrowded.


Hunter Ending Homelessness Pledge

A couple of years ago, Lake Macquarie council, members of parliament and large organisations in our area signed the ‘Hunter Ending Homelessness Pledge’. For many years the council has been working with local community organisations to support homeless issues within the area as well as advocating for increased social housing and affordable housing.


Have you got any ideas to share?

Lake Mac Council is adopting a Homelessness Policy Commitment with the aim to end homelessness in our area. They plan to work collaboratively with local community groups, organisations, and services as well as the appropriate government agencies. With this goal in mind, they want to hear your ideas on how best to support this strategy within our community. What ideas do you have that can help Lake Macquarie council combat this issue?



Supporting our community

At Lake Mac Family Life we feel that everyone in our Lake Mac community is important. Having a home where you feel safe, where you feel protected, where your family enjoys security is a basic human right. So often we hear that our community has not had the opportunity to share its ideas and expertise with our decision-makers. Now’s your chance. Make sure you let the council know what you think and support those within our community that needs our help most. 



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