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How to spend your $250 Parents NSW Vouchers

The NSW government wants to thank and reward eligible families with 5 x $50 vouchers totalling $250. These vouchers can be used for ‘Discover’ activities which include entertainment and recreation or ‘Stay’ with NSW accommodation facilities.


To be eligible for these vouchers you must be a resident of NSW, be the carer, parent, or guardian of a child who was aged 4.5 to 18 years in 2021, and enrolled in school. This includes home-schooled and secondary education students at TAFE.

You will receive one set of vouchers, regardless of how many children you have in your care.

Families where children live in more than one home

If a child has parents, guardians or carers that live in two separate addresses and the child lives in both of these places, both parents, guardians or carers are eligible for the vouchers.

How to apply

You apply for them in the same way as you did the Dine and Discover Voucher. Head into the Service NSW app, click on ‘Vouchers’, then head into ‘Browse’ and choose the ‘Parents NSW’ vouchers. Follow the instructions and you’ll see your vouchers appear within the hour.

You need to provide the medicare details for your child and the educational facility that they attend.

Alternatively, you can apply online here.

Apply for Parents NSW vouchers | Service NSW

Discover Vouchers

There are lots of local businesses that accept Discover vouchers. Remember, you can also use them when you head off on holiday in NSW. Here’s the link to every business you can use them in.

Dine & Discover NSW business finder | Service NSW

To find information on local businesses in Lake Mac, have a look at our list we created: Lake Mac Dine & Discover registered businesses | Lake Mac Family Life.

Stay Vouchers

Stay vouchers can be used for eligible accommodation. This will include hotels, bed and breakfasts, and hostels. We’ve had a look at who is taking Stay vouchers and currently can only find accommodation in Sydney. This is because a trial was conducted here to ensure the scheme was working before it rolled out. 

Now that the scheme is live, we expect businesses to register and you should be able to find accommodation across NSW over the coming weeks. Here’s the link to find businesses that accept the Stay vouchers. Stay NSW business finder | Service NSW

Stay vouchers cannot be used at Airbnb, online accommodation booking platforms, or with travel agents.

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