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Join Let’s Lift Lake Mac to boost your family’s health and wellbeing (finished)

Many people are doing it tough at the moment. COVID-19 is placing new stresses on all of our working and social lives. It’s also significantly impacting our mental health and wellbeing. Let’s Lift Lake Mac aims to provide participants with tools and knowledge to help them take charge of their own wellbeing.


What is Let’s Lift Lake Mac?

Let’s Lift Lake Mac is based on The Lift Project which is an online wellbeing program aimed at lifting lives all around the world using scientific, evidence-based wellbeing strategies. All of the wellbeing strategies shared through the project are simple shifts in what we can do on a daily basis to boost our mood and bring ourselves a bit more happiness each day. Lake Macquarie City Council is excited to be partnering with Avondale University to run the program locally in Lake Mac. More than 2,000 Lake Macquarie City residents have signed up to participate in the program already, and now registrations have been extended until Friday 17 September. Council is encouraging anyone who lives in Lake Macquarie to take up the free opportunity to boost their health and wellbeing.

The program has been run in several countries around the world along with other Australian cities such as Adelaide and the Sunshine Coast. Of previous participants in the Sunshine Coast, 93 percent said it improved their wellbeing and 89 percent said it is likely to have a positive long-term influence on their wellbeing.


Why now, when we have so many other things to think about?

At the moment, it’s a challenge for all of us to prioritise our wellbeing and it’s tricky to take on extra stuff. But, did you know we can largely influence making ourselves feel better? Ultimately if we feel better, we can be the best we can be for those around us and this is a solid foundation to have before we tackle life’s other tasks.

Prioritising our wellbeing is important not just for ourselves but our families too. What’s more, The Lift Project is suitable for all ages. Families can do The Lift Project together by watching the videos and discussing the topics. Participating on the journey as a family is a great activity to encourage and learn from each other. Something a little different to help wind down from home-schooling, keeping kids entertained, and strengthening family bonds by having a shared goal.

Despite a long period of the pandemic and how we might be feeling. Whether that’s exhaustion, stress or fatigue, or okay and relatively well. There are still things we can do daily that are within our own control and that can boost our mood to bring increased positivity to our lives.

Now more than ever, our community can do with a lift don’t you think?


What’s involved?

By registering to participate in Let’s Lift Lake Mac by Friday 17 September, you will sign up to receive two emails each week for seven weeks. Some will be grouped together to make up for missed emails since the project launched on 6 September but never fear, you will still receive all of the content in total. The emails include information on particular lesson themes connected to wellbeing, videos to watch, and suggested challenges to practice. It’s a self-guided program so you can choose when you want to read the emails, watch the videos and practice the challenges.

The lesson themes in The Lift Project explore the science underpinning wellbeing-enhancing topics. These include speaking positively, moving your body, expressing gratitude and hope, eating healthy, nurturing relationships, and immersing in natural environments.

We are also running a Facebook Group alongside the program. You will be provided the link to join the group when you sign up. The purpose of the Facebook Group is to connect with, encourage and support participants of the project, and even better, there’s weekly prizes to win!


Who leads the program?

The Lift Project creator is Dr. Darren Morton, Associate Professor at Avondale University. Darren has many years of experience in lifestyle medicine, neuroscience, and positive psychology. He uses his knowledge and experience to share basic ways we can all implement positive change in our life through understanding the science behind how our body operates when it comes to mental health and wellbeing.

Considering the need for improved wellbeing in our community, Avondale University and Lake Macquarie City Council have partnered to deliver the program for free to all residents of Lake Macquarie City.


How can I register?

Simply enter your contact details via the registration page

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