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Stressed about moving? 7 ways we can ease the pressure.

It’s often said that moving home is one of the most stressful times of your life. I should know. I’ve moved 5 times in the past 17 years and one of those times was from overseas. And yet, as I sit here, I’m planning on doing it again. I must be mad! This time I need help. Someone I can trust who will lighten my load. Someone who can take a little of this burden and help me come through this with fewer grey hairs. So, I contacted Steve from Lake Mac Moving. Our local Lake Macquarie removalists. After successfully running Lake Mac Moving for two years and only ever having received positive feedback from customers, he sounds like the man for me!

So, what does Lake Mac Moving do differently? Steve has over 30 years of industry experience and during that time he’s moved a lot of things. With that experience comes knowledge. He’s learned what makes his customer’s lives easier and offers extras that make the move less work and a whole lot easier to handle.


7 ways we make your move easy

Everyone has different expectations of what they see as important when choosing a removalist. Over the years, we’ve found 7 major influences on this decision. Here’s how we’ve worked them into our business.



There’s nothing worse than getting to move day and your removal company doesn’t turn up. It happens. Some of you who are reading this will have experienced it yourselves. There’s enough pressure on the big day without the removal company adding to it. When you book your move you want to know the company will arrive and do the job at the time agreed and on the right day.


Right price

Ever heard the phrase, ‘If you pay peanuts you get monkeys’? That doesn’t mean that the most expensive quote will provide the best service either. You want to make sure you are paying for quality service and care at a reasonable price.  


Full or partial packing or packing materials

You’re busy. We get that. Moving is a lot of work but your day job continues, as does your parenting and everything else you have to fit in. If you need help, how about considering asking for full or partial packing of your things? If you’re happy to do it yourself don’t forget your removal company can provide packing materials.


Cleaning including carpet cleaning

From a quick wipe round and a vacuum to a full bond clean, take the stress out of moving by asking your removal company to arrange for someone to come in and do this for you. Does your carpet need a clean? No worries. We can arrange this too.


Home staging

During the selling process, sometimes adding those extra touches can make a huge difference to your sale. After working with a home staging company for 2 years selling high-end homes in Merewether we have some great ideas to help you get more out of your home. Yes, Lake Mac Moving can also help with home staging.


Moving larger items

We’ve moved spas, billiard tables, you name it. We have the processes and the expertise to make sure your things are moved safely and you don’t have to book yourself into the chiro to recover after having a go yourself! Need to move something big? Give us a call and we can help.


Moving overseas or interstate

All of our employees are trained to a high standard to ensure that we can fully support you when you make a longer move. We can ensure that your items reach their destination in one piece – however far they have to travel. Now that’s reassuring. 


Working with business

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we moved 14 Pilates Reformer machines for a local Pilates business from their studio into their client’s homes. This enabled the clients to continue practising via Zoom lessons. As classes returned they moved all the machines back to the studio again. If you want your office moved we can do that too.


Lake Mac Moving is celebrating its second birthday this month. If you need some help and don’t want to rely on your mate’s ute and a slab of beer to get your precious possessions to where they need to go, you know who to call. 

Lake Mac Moving is your local, family-owned moving business.  Call Steve on 0402 588 844.

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