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8 fun & easy Christmas cards for kids to make!

There’s nothing better than hand-made and these creative cards are the perfect indoor activity for the kids. Why not kick off the festive season with craft. We’ve created some basic designs on Christmas cards for kids to make. Have a look through your craft draw, or box in our case, and see what you already have. We took a quick trip to the new spotlight store at Bennetts Green Retail Precinct, to pick up a couple more things. Let their imagination begin. 

1. Colourful trees

Kids love to paint, so we got started on our colourful squares of painted art and put them out to dry. Using existing coloured paper, the kids selected some base colours, then cut triangles out of both the painted artwork and coloured paper. We used a template so they were similar sized trees. Craft glue was all we needed to stick them down and then we painted the tree trunks. At Spotlight we purchased a sheet of gold starts for about $4.


2.  Neutral base  

We used existing brown paper sheets we had, but you could also use paper lunch bags. Everyone has those in the kitchen somewhere. Rodolph was super easy, and very effective we thought. His antlers are made from felt we got at Spotlight and we already had eyes. You could also use paper cut outs or texters to make eyes. 

The snow family are fingers in paint, some coloured paper hats & carrot noses, and a black marker.  Fun, creative and cheap.


3. Cupcake cases

Everyone has cupcake cases in the pantry. See what you’ve got and what the kids can create. We have a colourful tree and a dancing Mrs Clause. Kids are only limited by their imagination.


4. Clever layering

Older kids might like to do some layering like our snowman. It’s super easy and very effective. We picked up this striped sheet from Spotlight, they have quite a large range. The snowman is just white cardboard. Rodolph would look awesome as a layered card as well. 


5. Recycled cheer

We had an old book that wasn’t in the best condition so my daughter used the pages to cut out some creative snowflakes and Christmas baubles.  Again this is simple and really effective. She used a silver highlighter pen on the string.


6. Thumbs of creativity 

There are so many creative ways you can use a painted thumb print. Here’s two of our designs. Reindeers and Christmas lights.  Once your thumb prints are dry, simply use a black marker to add the detail. A felt Christmas tree and some stars finished these cards off beautifully. 


7. Felt forests

Sheets of felt are fun to use in craft and these trees look awesome. The kids used a layering concept to give depth and volume to their Christmas tree forest. Using the painted art they did at the beginning and the patterned paper they cut some more triangles and laid out their card before they started gluing. Finished off with some stars.


8. Words of wishes

I love this design. It’s simple and it can take on any form. They can use their friends names, Christmas words or feelings about Christmas. It’s a clever way of making a card personalised for that special friend. 


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