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When the LEGO® store Charlestown opened it’s doors mid-August amidst COVID-19 restrictions, we knew it wasn’t going to be an easy visit. Now one month later, the virtual queue has gone from a 3-hour wait, down to around 1-hour. As you enter the LEGO® certified store, you’re led through a rainbow-coloured euphoria of bricks. Well,
Are your kids cravin’ some animal love? Maybe they’d enjoy visiting a cute koala or a slithering snake. They’ll find crocodiles, birds, lions, reptiles, and farm animals just to name a few. What an awesome way to learn, and get up close and personal with our native animals. You’ll discover 7 animal encounters, near Lake
Sometimes we just need simple ideas to occupy the kids at home, and cooking can be so much fun. Whether it’s school holidays, a rainy weekend or you just love trying new recipes, finding easy recipes to cook with kids can take hours. We’ve sifted through pages and pages of recipes to find 6 of
Did you know that Tyrannosaurus rex is only one of a group of dinosaurs called tyrannosaurs? To be completely honest, I didn’t really know much about dinosaurs in general until we visited SEEN@Swansea today. As soon as you enter the building and look up, you’ll see a giant tyrannosaurs head with huge teeth and intelligent
My kids love Aussie animals and living in Lake Macquarie means we’re close to many places we can usually visit them. They love visiting the Australian Reptile Park, Hunter Valley Zoo, or Blackbutt Reserve. A trip up to Port Stephens to Oakvale Wildlife Park or Irukandji Shark and Ray Encounters is always fun too. We
So many kids are missing the get-togethers they were used to having with grandparents, family, and friends. This is difficult for everyone involved. For those who have friends or relatives that live away, using apps to keep in contact may be something you’ve mastered. For many, getting used to this new norm is a work
We may be getting used to social distancing but when it’s your birthday you still want to feel the love from family and friends. While we’re not able to come together physically at the moment we’re finding ways to celebrate virtually. If you have a special occasion coming up have a look at our list
Kids definitely don’t have to miss out on after-school activities. In fact, now’s the perfect time to explore options for ways you can use your Creative Kid’s Vouchers. We all know kids love to sing. In reality, you’d be hard up finding a child who doesn’t. Kristy James, the owner of Pitch Perfect Music Tuition,
Succulents are really easy to work with so they make the perfect plant for kids. Most of the common succulents are relatively self-sufficient and you can easily take cuttings from existing ones you may have at home. They are small which is perfect for little fingers and they look amazing in just about any planter.
This gorgeous book is so beautifully written by local Lake Mac author Deborah Kelly. The underlying message in this story will warm your heart and gently connect you with the challenges faced by dugongs. Children will journey along with the young dugong calf and experience how our human life impacts theirs. This book is perfect
Anytime is a great time to grow your own food. I’ve been growing veggies and herbs for many years. My dad always grew veggies during my childhood and I remember snipping chives for my mum to add to her potato salad. Ever since I could I’ve had my own food garden. It’s the best way
I remember when I was a child, walking home from school I would pick up little things from nature I found along the way. From small pebbles to feathers, leaves or different coloured flowers. Mum would always have to check my pockets before washing. Nature has always fascinated me from the intricate design of a
From the moment you meet Kirby, her honest nature shines through. You know when you meet some people and you’re instantly relaxed and comfortable in their presence? This is how you feel with Kirby. She’s genuine about everything she delivers, including how she cares deeply about her ‘ladies’ as she calls them. Her business has
Have you tried creating leaf art for kids to make at home? While you’re out getting some exercise, take a bag with you and the kids can collect leaves, bark and other natural materials. There are so many projects to do with leaves, but these 3 are our favourites. On your walk, you can talk
In Lake Macquarie, nestled in the heart of Caves Beach, is Finite Gallery. Owned by Leslie Duffin, the gallery has been operating since 2013. Leslie has a Certificate in Ceramics, an Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts and is a qualified Early Childhood Teacher. It’s no wonder that her art classes have become a favourite with
Trying to keep your kids interested and inspired while they homeschool? Finding yourself a bit out of your depth? We hear you and you’ll be happy to know we’ve compiled an awesome list of online resources that you can use. When your kids have had enough of worksheets or online teaching from school give some
Get the kids outside in the garden this week listening to the birds and watching them as they come and go. Discuss and record the types of birds that visit and identify all our native Australian birds. The kids will love making this birdseed ornaments recipe and then hanging them around your garden in the
This is a fun, inexpensive project to do with the kids at home. You’ll find that it covers a few different areas including art, gardening and nutrition. It’s a cheap project and environmentally-friendly because you’ll be recycling some materials. The kids can use their imagination to create their ‘egg people’ and give the faces all
Want your child to do something other than watching YouTube or social media? How about encouraging them to listen to one of the best podcasts for kids? With so many great podcasts out there, they will enjoy the fun of learning without even realising it and still feel connected to the big world outside. Podcasts
I think every parent can appreciate finding activities for the whole family to enjoy can certainly be challenging. I’ve had my fair share of lego towers and racing car tracks to last a lifetime and let’s face it, they’re more for the kids than us. Gardening is an activity your entire family can enjoy. Have
There’s nothing better than when you see or hear kids trying something new. Fishing in Lake Macquarie is definitely an awesome activity for kids to try, so I’ve put together a guide to get you started. You don’t need to own a boat to have fun fishing, in fact, it’s probably better to start on
My children have grown up reading books by Deborah Kelly, a local Lake Macquarie children’s author. We definitely joined in the fun when we read ‘Dinosaur Disco’. Then we explored our families special relationships when we read ‘Me and You’. My girls have also loved the stories of ‘Ruby Wishfingers’ so much so that my
Are you on the hunt for the best list of kids eat free Lake Macquarie has to offer? We’ll be updating this list every month and checking the offers are still available. They can, however, change from time to time so to avoid disappointment always check with the restaurant before arriving.   If you have