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Rides, sideshow games, and buckets of fairy floss were what we found at Stockland Glendale today. The Glendale Summer Carnival is now

What are your kids doing today? I’ll be honest. As my kids have grown older it’s easy to let them grab a

Summer. A time for relaxing, BBQ dinners, spending time with the kids and splashing in the ocean. Sound a little idyllic? In

Whether you visit for a casual day out, or you’re there for an event or workshop, the MAC offers something for the

There’s nothing better than hand-made and these creative cards are the perfect indoor activity for the kids. Why not kick off the

This weekend take the kids for a ride and stop for a story along the way. To celebrate Children’s Week, Lake Mac

The kids will have buckets of fun at Harrington Entertainment, Charlestown Square. Grab a coffee from the cafe outside and come on

When the LEGO® store Charlestown opened it’s doors mid-August amidst COVID-19 restrictions, we knew it wasn’t going to be an easy visit.

Entering the darkness of the movie theatre, popcorn bucket in hand, drink balanced precariously as you wander along the aisle to find

Are your kids cravin’ some animal love? Maybe they’d enjoy visiting a cute koala or a slithering snake. They’ll find crocodiles, birds,

Sometimes we just need simple ideas to occupy the kids at home, and cooking can be so much fun. Whether it’s school

Did you know that Tyrannosaurus rex is only one of a group of dinosaurs called tyrannosaurs? To be completely honest, I didn’t

My kids love Aussie animals and living in Lake Macquarie means we’re close to many places we can usually visit them. They

So many kids are missing the get-togethers they were used to having with grandparents, family, and friends. This is difficult for everyone

We may be getting used to social distancing but when it’s your birthday you still want to feel the love from family

Kids definitely don’t have to miss out on after-school activities. In fact, now’s the perfect time to explore their options for ways

Succulents are really easy to work with so they make the perfect plant for kids. Most of the common succulents are relatively

This gorgeous book is so beautifully written by local Lake Mac author Deborah Kelly. The underlying message in this story will warm

Anytime is a great time to grow your own food. I’ve been growing veggies and herbs for many years. My dad always

I remember when I was a child, walking home from school I would pick up little things from nature I found along

Have you tried creating leaf art for kids to make at home? While you’re out getting some exercise, take a bag with

Trying to keep your kids interested and inspired while they homeschool? Finding yourself a bit out of your depth? We hear you

Get the kids outside in the garden this week listening to the birds and watching them as they come and go. Discuss

This is a fun, inexpensive project to do with the kids at home. You’ll find that it covers a few different areas

Want your child to do something other than watching YouTube or social media? How about encouraging them to listen to one of

I think every parent can appreciate finding activities for the whole family to enjoy can certainly be challenging. I’ve had my fair

There’s nothing better than when you see or hear kids trying something new. Fishing in Lake Macquarie is definitely an awesome activity

My children have grown up reading books by Deborah Kelly, a local Lake Macquarie children’s author. We definitely joined in the fun