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Every time we venture somewhere new we learn so much and Belmont Lagoon told a story of many tales. From the history of Cold Tea Creek to the building remains on the spit, it was like peeling back an onion with so many layers. What remains today is a body of water, connected to Lake
When was the last time you headed down to the park at Croudace Bay? This park is a favourite for our family. We’ve used it for birthday parties, learning to ride a bike, practicing skateboarding and roller skating, hanging out with our mates or just going for a lovely walk. There are so many things
From the moment you begin this trail, you’ll see the work which has gone into the regeneration, preservation, and conservation of the area. A credit to Landcare, Lake Macquarie Council, and especially the work of community volunteers. We walked amongst the native ferns, along the bushland trail navigating our way along Galgabba Point Walk to
Do you remember the first time you saw a whale breach? I can remember looking out to the horizon and seeing a spurt of water rising. As I stared at it I saw the back of the whale breach the water and a tail rise up. I was sure it was my imagination but then
Lately, we’ve had the time to think about all the things we’d love to do but never seem to have the time to get around to. In my cupboard, I have a camera passed down to me from my late father in law that I play around with when I get the time. I would
I’ll be honest, the first thing I did when I read about this concept was cry. We’re all feeling the pressure of COVID-19 as parents and as humans, but it’s the front line workers who are truly our hero’s right now. I saw a meme the other day of a firefighter handing a baton to
When we discovered Sesames On The Lake, just a short walk from our front door, we couldn’t believe our luck. Sesames is owned by Tevy and Brad Cooper, local business owners in Belmont who have found themselves on the frontline of the devastating echo effect of the Coronavirus. After a record-breaking summer in the restaurant,
From the surfboard flying fox to the wave-shaped climbing net, Webb Park Playground captures Redhead’s beach culture perfectly. You’ll love the unique design and thought which has gone into this playground. Redhead is one of our favourite local haunts because not only is the playground amazing we can also enjoy Owens walk and visiting the
Running parallel to the beach and weaving its way through the coastal landscape is Owens Walk at Redhead. There is so much to see from the viewing platforms to the shaded pathway leading you right to the local wetlands. These wetlands cross over through Belmont & Redhead. This walk is perfect to explore the local
Tucked away in the forever expanding family suburb of Cameron Park is the Pasterfield Sports Complex. Sprawled across 8 hectares of land, you’ll be blown away by the open space. This complex is so much more than the playground. You’ll find Lake Macquarie’s largest sports fields, practice nets and netball courts. But let’s get real.
In the beach culture of the suburb of Caves Beach, the main attraction has always been the sea caves. This unmistakable tourist attraction is almost a diversion from the real beauty of the area. As we swam peacefully at Spoon Rock Bay, you could see the masses of people who had flocked to Caves Beach.
Tucked away just past the sea caves at Caves Beach is a coastal walk which showcases the gorgeous cliffs and landscape of the area. You’ll stumble upon Spoon Rock Bay and the break wall that protects it. Discover scenic views right into Newcastle, and appreciate our unique Pinny Beach with it’s coarse, pebbly sand. The
Once you’re heading along the windy road surrounded by bush as you travel into Catherine Hill Bay, you begin to get a flavour for the place. Catherine Hill Bay is the oldest continuous settlement in our Lake Macquarie area. You can still see original miners cottages and the site of the original pub when you
There’s nothing better than when you see or hear kids trying something new. Fishing in Lake Macquarie is definitely an awesome activity for kids to try, so I’ve put together a guide to get you started. You don’t need to own a boat to have fun fishing, in fact, it’s probably better to start on
Wasn’t the sun shining brightly on the western side when we visited a gorgeous hidden gem at Sunshine, Lake Macquarie. It was a little hard to find nestled among the trees past the boat ramp, but we got there in the end. If you were out in the boat it’s almost impossible to see from
Hidden at the back of the old Sanitarium factory is the Cooranbong swing bridge. The bridge is full of character and history. The swing bridge is well known to the locals on the western side of Lake Macquarie. However, it’s also a well-kept secret. At first, it’s a little tricky to find, especially if you’re
Roll up! Roll up! Roll up! Be prepared to witness a spectacle of sights and sounds that will blow your mind! Weber’s Circus is coming to Quinn Park at Swansea from Thursday 27th February to Sunday 8th March. Yet again, Weber’s will deliver a show that will astound every member of the audience. Webers Circus
Sometimes I can’t believe how lucky we are to have these amazing places all around us, and only a short distance away. If you’ve ever wondered why it was named Caves Beach then you won’t any more. Discover and explore the inter-connecting sea caves at Caves Beach southern end. You’ll marvel at yet another one
On any given day more and more women, and girls, of all ages and backgrounds, are out enjoying what was certainly once a male dominated activity. You’d have to agree that women today are far more involved in all arenas of sport, and fishing is no exception. Maybe there are more women fishers these days
When I was a child, my dad used to take us down to explore the rock pools at Swansea Heads. It seems like only yesterday when he volunteered for the coast guard monitoring traffic in and out of the channel. The coast guard sits perched on the bluff of Swansea heads but beneath the headland
Belmont pool (baths) For many years, Belmont pool (baths) was a popular bathing area, nestled on the shores of Lake Macquarie at Belmont. With a shoreline where you could erect a shade umbrella and a grassy area to put down a rug, this was a family hot spot for swimming on warm summer days. In
Even though the Watagans state forest is technically in Cessnock council area, you won’t get a better aerial view of Lake Macquarie.  Well, unless you jump out of a plane that is. Might be good for some of us, but I’m more of a nature lover than skydiver these days. I hadn’t been to the
‘Green Point’ as it’s referred to by the locals, connects the suburbs of Belmont and Valentine through Green Point Reserve. From Belmont, you can make your way along a flat path to the picturesque Green Point Foreshore at Cardiff Point. Entering via Valentine is a walk of discovery, as the natural stairs and trail wraps
In Lake Macquarie, we are completely spoilt living in and around our lake. However, Lake Mac has many more amazing places to explore and they’re all very accessible once you know where to find them. The Yuelarbah track along Glenrock Lagoon is definitely one of them. History of Glenrock As with many areas in this