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Be seen by local parents.

Lake Mac Family Life is the only comprehensive online place for parents and families living and working in Lake Macquarie.

Lake Mac Parents can now easily find your business, club, or organisation online in one handy location. Your business will have the best exposure possible with local parents.

We already have 132 businesses listed in our directory, and our focus for 2020 is to fill over 160 categories with all our local businesses. We are 100% focused on supporting our Lake Mac businesses.

We’re here to help Lake Macquarie thrive.

Our website traffic (user sessions) for our first 10 months is flippin’ outstanding. Just imagine our traffic by December 2020?

That’s  over 50,000 page views every month!

If your business joins our directory today, your position will be secured for many years to come. Our listings go in date order.

“At last, a local guide that is specific to our Lake Macquarie Families! As a Lake Mac mum, its great to see at a glance, the Things to Do in the Weekend Guide as well as specific reviews and articles that are relevant to my family. As a Lake Macquarie business owner, I am loving the opportunity to connect and interact with local families on a more personal level. It’s a refreshing change from the usual faceless advertising methods. I can really talk with potential customers during the monthly Business Hour on the Facebook Parents Group, and the Business Directory is a cost effective way to network. I have already had a great response, and have noticed a jump in my website traffic since I listed. Great job Ladies, and well done on creating THE best online destination for the Families of Lake Macquarie.”
Prime Health Podiatry
"Lake Mac Moving was one of the first local business owners and family operated companies to join Lake Mac family life. We have never looked back! The community spirit and support is just so heartwarming, especially in this tough new normal!😊 Bec has been incredibly supportive since our first contact. Every post that is looking for a local removalist, she is straight onto it with our details and recommendations.👌 Bec and Sonia recently reached out to us as a loyal local removalist company to help us further promote our business in these tough times.❤️ We spent very little thanks to Bec & Sonia for our promotion but we learnt a lot! We were also able to give a lucky local a $100 Visa card to celebrate our two year anniversary as Lake Mac moving. 😍 Thank you ladies!"
Stephen & Kate
Lake Mac Moving
"Lake Mac Family Life is a must if you are a business or family in the Lake Macquarie area. The amount of local knowledge and resources on the site is fantastic and it is now one of my regular go to websites. It's great to see locals supporting locals and getting to know what is around the area. I love the local exposure I am getting from having my business listed on the website and would highly recommend it for any local business." 🙂
Chrystie Hile
Graphic Lane
"Lake Mac Family Life offers fantastic, well priced opportunities to advertise directly to local families. With the added bonus of business hour on their Lake Mac Parents page, I have seen more interest and growth in my business in 1 month then through any other advertising platform I have used. I highly recommend advertising through Lake Mac Family Life- a local business to support local business!"
Laura Collison
Well Education
"I am so pleased Lake Mac Family Life was created for our local community to connect small business's in a way that google, yellow pages can not. It is a great opportunity for small business to be seen and acquire new clients that may of never been aware of their services. Thank you so much"😀
Kirby Symington
Kirby Bree Fitness
Such a great local resource for everything lake Mac! From community events to finding a local business, I highly recommend this page and love how supportive they are of small local businesses.
Kate Rudder
M.R Aluminium
Brilliant idea setting up this page to provide a resource for Lake Macquarie residents. This page and the website has helped my business grow and been a great resource for finding services in my local area. Admin are brilliant as well, very professional and only to happy to help.
Nicholas Koutsos
"It's been amazing to be a participating business in LMFL. We've had an overwhelming response to our promotions in this group & many new likes on our fb page. I love that personal touch & feel like a part of this bigger family that's been created by Becky & her team. Thank you for helping us get through Covid-19! I love what you're doing."
Tevy Cooper
Sesames On The Lake



We have 2 options for a business listing and they both offer the same level of inclusions, however if you would like to be at the top of your category and/or sub-category, then you can with a featured listing.

You don’t need a website or a Facebook page to list your business, and you don’t need to rank in Google search. Your local customers can easily find you in their local directory. Lake Mac Family Life.

By listing your business, organisation or club in our directory, you have the opportunity to join our Business Hour in our Lake Mac Parents group on Facebook. For one hour each month we showcase our businesses directly to over 6,300 Lake Mac parents.

 * Conditions apply.

(Business must be located in or service the Lake Macquarie area)

Listings go in date order, so the sooner you join the better position your business will secure!



List your event on Lake Mac Family Life today. Reach more local parents in Lake Mac with an event listing in our event directory. You can list your event up to 8 week prior to the event date. 

If your business is listed in our Business Directory, then your event can be listed for FREE. You can list as many events as you like throughout your 12 month Business Directory listing agreement. We support the businesses who support us.

If you would like to list an event but you don’t have your business listed in our directory, then a cost of $100 per event applies. Select ‘Featured Event’ to pay for a one-off event listing.

* Conditions apply.

(Event must be held in the Lake Macquarie area)



List a job on Lake Mac Family Life for FREE


Another way we are helping locals stay local. Your job will be live until you remove it. Lake Mac Family Life only provides the platform for this service and is in no way responsible for applications or mediation.


*Conditions apply 

(job must be held in the Lake Macquarie area) 



Once you list your business in our directory, you also have the opportunity to advertise in other spots across our website if you choose.

These include on the home page and/or during the decision-making process inside our directory pages. You can pick and choose what works best for your business, budget, and promotional objective.

*Conditions apply.

(Must already be a listed business in our directory at Lake Mac Family Life)

If you’ve got any questions about joining our family which are still unanswered,  please reach out. You can book a call with Sonia through the link below, or send a quick email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Enter your information below and we’ll be happy to answer any question you still have.