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About Us



That’s an awesome word, isn’t it? 

It’s meaning in the Cambridge Dictionary: “the fact of finding interesting or valuable things by chance

It sums up the creation of Lake Mac Family Life in every sense. When I’m asked for the story behind the biz, this is the word I use.


I had no intention of starting another online business, and to be completely honest, I didn’t even tell my husband until I could verify it with the parents of Lake Mac. 

After about 48 hours of research, I could clearly see the hole in the market. 

I knew how disconnected our families and businesses were in Lake Mac because I was one of them. We have a local business and a young family so I knew there was nowhere to connect. 

I’m not the kind of person who easily walks away from opportunity. I tend to do the opposite and move towards it, even if I know the pressure that goes with it. 


Lake Mac Family Life is what my whole career has been leading towards. I didn’t know it at the time, but I knew it felt right.


This is me.

I’m Becky Searles, the Founder and Director of Lake Mac Family Life. Sounds quite official, but when you’re the creator you can label yourself however you like. That’s the fun bit.

Historically my career was in offline strategic marketing and I ventured online quite a few years ago with skills across advertising and promotions, email marketing, automation, digital marketing, SEO (WordPress, copy-writing and local intent), product launches and social media marketing (specifically Facebook & Instagram). It’s a big list, but I’m well into my 40’s now so it fits my age quite easily.

I’m born and bred local, and am extremely grateful to be raising our family here as well. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.


Meet Sonia 

(Executive Business Manager)

Sonia is my left arm, and my right arm sometimes as well. Success and ideas rarely happen by just one person, and I couldn’t have brought this to life without Sonia. 

Originally from the UK, Sonia and her young family moved up to Lake Mac quite a few years ago now. With a strong background in sales and management, it wasn’t long before I grew to appreciate that Sonia’s skills complemented mine far beyond my expectations.

From process management, promotions and advertising management, people management and more recently SEO copywriting, Sonia and I formed quite the formidable team.


What’s ahead?

Our goal is to continue to build and shape Lake Mac Family Life into a valuable place for both families and business to come together. Supporting local is not only important for a business, but also for the customer. Continuing to invest in Lake Macquarie businesses, means our kids have more opportunities to work and raise their families here as well. 

Our launch in November 2019 was a huge success, and we’ll be forever grateful for the support.

Over the past 4 years we’ve achieved huge traffic numbers which is shaping our platform and providing more opportunities to connect within our Lake Mac Community. We hope you join us for the ride. 

Search. Find. Support local first. Lake Mac Family Life.