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It’s a dog’s life in Lake Macquarie!

We love our fur babies. There’s nothing better than coming home to a friendly face who’s ecstatic to see you walk through the door. Where have you been? Why did you leave me so long? Promise me you’ll never leave me again? Tail wagging while he follows you around the house. No wonder it’s said that owning a dog leads to a happier life. Having a dog encourages fitness too. Knowing that twice a day you need to take them out for a walk. Taking your dog for a long walk gets you both out of the house and moving. So, we’ve put together some of the best places to take your four-legged friend in Lake Macquarie.


Dog-friendly beaches in Lake Macquarie

Doesn’t matter what season it is. The beach is always a great place to head with the family. If you love a swim in the ocean and want to bring your dog along to have a run around on the sand, finding a dog-friendly beach might feel like a challenge. Head to one of these beautiful beaches to enjoy the sand and surf, just make sure you’re prepared for the wet shake as they come out of the water!


Blacksmiths Beach has an unleashed dog area that is open all year round. Head to the car park at Awabakal Avenue and the leash-free area heads in a northerly direction to the Belmont Golf Club.


At the north end of Caves Beach is a leash-free dog beach at all times. You’ll find access via Mawson Close. The leash-free area lies between the ocean and the car park.


Between Second and Third Creek is leash-free at any time. When you’re walking there via beach pathways your dog must be leashed. Keep them on the leash when you pass between First and Second Creek. Dogs are prohibited north of First Creek at Redhead Beach.


Exercise areas for dogs in Lake Mac

  • Barnsley Dog Exercise Area – Taylor Park. Access via Johnson Avenue.  Leash-free from sunrise to 10 am on weekdays only.  Excluded play/picnic area.
  • Belmont North Dog Exercise Area – Lenaghan Park. Access via Wommara Avenue. This area is leash-free from sunrise to 10 am on weekdays only.
  • Blackalls Park Dog Exercise Area – Blackalls Park Reserve. Part of the park in an easterly direction from the shaded picnic area is leash-free at all times.
  • Blacksmiths – Dobinson Reserve. Access via Tirranna Street, Blacksmiths.  At all times this is a leash-free area.
  • Bolton Point Dog Exercise Area – Access via Bay Road.  This area is leash-free at all times.
  • Bonnells Bay Dog Exercise Area – Pendlebury Park. Access via Grand Parade. This area is leash-free at all times.
  • Booragul Dog Exercise Area – Booragul Foreshore Reserve. Access via Marmong Street.  The area extends from the car park at Booragul Jetty along the lake, past the art gallery to Marmong Cove.  This area is leash-free at all times.
  • Buttaba Dog Exercise Area. Access via Ilford Avenue.  This area is leash-free at all times.
  • Cardiff Dog Exercise Area. Access via Orchard Street.  This area is leash free from sunrise to 10 am on weekdays only.
  • Charlestown Dog Exercise Area –Access via Dudley Road.  The area is leash-free at all times unless netball courts are being used.
  • Coal Point Dog Exercise Area – Gurranba Reserve. Access via Skye Point Road.  The area is leash-free at all times.
  • Croudace Bay Dog Exercise Area – Thomas H Halton Park.Access via Macquarie Drive. Foreshore reserve area – Leash free sunrise to 10 am daily and 4:30 pm to sunset Monday to Friday. Central Park Area – Leash free at all times. See the link below for the LMCC map confirming the areas covered.
  • Dora Creek Dog Exercise Area –Access via Douglass Street.  The area is leash free from sunrise to 10 am on weekdays only.
  • Gateshead Dog Exercise Area –Access via Willow Road. The area is leash free from sunrise to 10 am on weekdays only.
  • Marks Point Dog Exercise Area. Access is on Haddon Crescent or Docker Street.  This area is leash-free at all times.
  • Morisset Dog Exercise Area – Bernie Goodwin Memorial Oval – Access via Newcastle Street.  The area is leash free from sunrise to 10 am on weekdays only.
  • Rathmines Dog Exercise Area – Rathmines Park. Access via Stilling Street. The area is leash-free at all times unless a community event is underway.
  • Swansea Dog Exercise Area – Access is on Wallarah Street and Dobinson Drive.  This area is leash-free at all times.
  • Toronto Dog Exercise Area – Hampton Street Reserve. Leash-free at all times unless Toronto Pony Club is undertaking an event.
  • Toronto Dog Exercise Area – Toronto Lions Park. Access via Anzac Parade.  The area is leash free from sunrise to 10 am every day except the 3rd Sunday of the month when the market is held.
  • Valentine Dog Exercise Area –Access via Ruston Avenue.  The area is leash-free at all times.
  • Windale Dog Exercise Area – Bahloo Reserve. Access via Merrigum Street.  The area is leash free from sunrise to 10 am on weekdays only.
  • Wyee Dog Exercise Area – Wyee Oval. Access via Tuggerah Street. The area is leash-free at all times.

Fenced dog parks

  • Speers Point Park, Creek Reserve Road. This is a 10,000m2 fenced area that has 3 agility stations for dogs. 
  • Croudace Bay Thomas Halton Park (Bareki Road Eleebana) – This is a 2000m2 fenced area with an agility station for dogs.

Click here for LMCC Dog Exercise Areas in Lake Mac booklet with maps and more information. https://www.lakemac.com.au/files/assets/public/for-residents/animals/dog-exercsie-areas-lake-mac_a5_8pp_v2-web.pdf


Doggy camping

Want to take your fur baby on holiday? We’re lucky in Lake Macquarie that we have a couple of holiday parks that welcome dogs. 

Belmont Lakeside Holiday Park

How does a weekend away in your caravan, tent, or hiring a cabin overlooking the lake sound? You don’t have to travel far to enjoy the good things in Lake Macquarie and if you’ve forgotten something – well, it’s not far to go home to get it! Belmont Lakeside holiday park allows pet-friendly camping and accommodation. Visit any time of the year to enjoy a holiday where you can bring your dog along. The kids will also love Belmont South Playground nearby.


Blacksmiths Beachside Holiday Park

Just a short stroll away from the stunning beach. Perfect for surfers or families that love the beach. Head to Grannies Pool if you’re after a safe spot for younger kids to play in the water. With a solar-heated pool, kids’ playground, and school holiday activities this is a great place to head for your holiday. Pets are welcome all year round so no member of your family has to stay at home!

Dog-friendly walks

Dogs are the best companions on family walks, especially ones with lots of adventure. Be sure to keep them on lease if need be, to help protect our wildlife.

Kilaben Bay Walking Trail

On the west side of the lake, you’ll find Kilaben Bay. This is a beautiful family walk that welcomes dogs on a lead. Follow the trail through the bush enjoying the birds and native vegetation along the way. Don’t forget to take your fishing rods as there’s a great spot to throw in a line as you reach the lake. To find out more about the Kilaben Bay walking trail, click here: Kilaben Bay Walking Trail

Pirrita Island, Swansea 

Located at Swansea, Pirrita Island is a great spot to go for a walk with a long history in Lake Macquarie. The Awabakal people enjoyed the hunting and fishing opportunities here. In the 1920s and 1930s, there were many families living in basic housing. Sadly these have all now gone, however, you can enjoy the migratory birds that use this area during spring and summer. This walk is dog friendly, on leashes of course, and you can find out more here: Pirrita Island, Swansea

Belmont Lagoon Walk

The lagoon at Belmont is often forgotten about by the locals and therefore remains a peaceful spot to visit. This is another area of Lake Macquarie with a historic past. These include its use as a defensive barrier during World War Two and its coal mining history during the 1920s. With many trails to explore and natural wonders to see enjoy taking your dog for a walk around this hidden gem. Find out more about this walk here:  Belmont Lagoon Walk


Galgabba Point walk

Close to Swansea, you’ll find the bush walk that takes you to Galgabba Point. This is a nice, flat, easy walk which younger children will enjoy. It takes about one hour return and you’ll enjoy lots of Lake Macquarie’s flora and fauna along the way. You’ll pass Galgabba wetlands and may be lucky enough to see black swans or herons in the water. When you reach the end of the trail you get to the lake – always the perfect view and resting point before you return. Bring your dog along on a leash and enjoy this all-inclusive walk. Find out more here: Galgabba Point Walk

Owens walk Redhead

If you’re heading to Redhead Beach you can take your dog on a leash along Owens Walk. You’ll find a duck pond, and beautiful bushland and you’ll be able to smell the sea air as you wander along. You can finish this walk with a play and a swim between Second and Third Creek on Redhead Beach where your dog can run free. To find out more about Owens Walkway read this: Owens Walk

Fernleigh Track

In the 1890s a train line ran between Adamstown and Belmont. It was used to transport both coal and passengers. By 1991 the line became disused and was left to fall into disrepair. The local councils in both Lake Macquarie and Newcastle bought the land and after securing the funding they have made this area into a beautiful shared pathway that travels over 15km. One of the highlights of the track is a 181-meter-covered tunnel that has been restored. Find out more about the Fernleigh Track here: Exploring the Fernleigh track

Eleebana to Booragal shared path

You can walk around the lake on the shared pathway from Eleebana to Booragul. Dogs are welcome on leads along this beautiful pathway that hugs the shoreline of Lake Macquarie. With a leash-free park at Speers Point on the way, plus a multitude of spots for your family to stop and enjoy including cafes, restaurants, play areas, and the sculpture walk this is a great walk to enjoy with your dog. You can find out more here: Visiting Warners Bay

Munibung Hill

With loads of entry points to choose between and the rough terrain of the hill, Munibung is the perfect spot to take your pooch. Munibung has some amazing walking trails which lead in many different directions. Immerse yourself in nature while you take in the gorgeous view of Lake Macquarie. This hill connects 6 local suburbs of Lake Macquarie and has a wealth of history. If only it could talk and share some of its stories. Find out all about this beautiful spot in Lake Mac that is dog friendly: Climb Munibung Hill.

Blacksmiths Breakwall

If you’re looking for a short walk, something to stretch your legs, both two & four-legged, then Blacksmiths Breakwall is an awesome choice. You can walk your dog on a lead along the path right out to the end. It’s a lovely perspective of the entry into Lake Mac taking in both Blacksmiths Beach & Swansea Heads. Soak up the breathtaking view, and breathe in some fresh coastal sea air. The walk is only about 300m each way, so a perfect option for an afternoon stroll with your pooch! Blacksmiths Breakwall

Myuna Bay trail

Myuna Bay is an absolutely gorgeous part of Lake Mac and a great place to take your dog for a short walk. Along the trail you’ll discover a wooden bridge, a scout camp, be dwarfed by the trees and arrive at the Eraring outlet and even spot a turtle! Discover Myuna Bay trail with your family and fur friends. As long as they’re on leads, they are allowed. Read our adventure here: Spot the turtles on the Myuna Bay trail

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