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The last few years in business have been tough to navigate. We don’t need to highlight all the challenges, but we do need to recognise that we’re still in business. Maybe we’ve adapted to the demand or stepped sideways to reinvent how we do things. There’s a reason you became

There are only two things certain in life. Death and taxes! If you’re reading this you clearly don’t meet the first criteria. So tax time it is. Yet another one of those jobs that stays on the to-do list not getting done. It can all seem too hard. Finding your

When you launch a platform that instantly attracts local businesses, it’s obvious you’ve created something of need. I spent oodles of time searching for affordable ways to connect my husband’s business within Lake Mac. Not only couldn’t I find anywhere online, but I also found it hard to find other

I get it. It’s tough out there as a business owner in Lake Mac. In today’s reality, as business owners we’re scrambling to hold on to any type of operation so we can retain staff and bank something…anything.  Being a business owner in Lake Mac Congratulations, you’re a business owner

You’ve created a wonderful product or service to bring to the market. The business name has been picked, and you’ve got the domain name and social media accounts done and dusted. Congratulations, but what about your brand identity? Check out my top 10 graphic design hacks. Visual identity is extremely

The new year for many holds significance. Maybe it’s a time for a fresh start and a chance to do things differently? The changing of the decade and moving into the 2020s seems particularly so. For many of us, the concept of a new year, new career is a very

The first few years in business can feel like there’s a lot going in and not so much coming out the other end in the form of revenue. Building a business in Lake Mac is the same as anywhere else. You have to learn all the processes, technology, and day-to-day

Often when rebranding is spoken about people are thinking about their business identity or visuals. It might be a change in the way you service your customers or you might be bringing new products to the market. Usually, there’s some kind of trigger that can spark a reason to change

Why is Facebook your social media shopfront? Should you even worry about Facebook? Is it even relevant to your business? Does your Facebook business page have crickets and no engagement, or you haven’t started a business page yet? You might be missing out on a big chunk of the market.