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Jul 25
Connect. Motivate. Move. The essence of Kirby Bree Fitness.

We’ve all been in that place where you just don’t feel good about yourself. It might be your weight, your fitness, your mindset, or a combination of all 3. There can be many triggers that lead you to this place. Even a seasonal change can be a trigger. You know that moment when you put […]

Feb 21
Beam Health – giving the spark back to our little ones

While kids enjoy having fun, relaxing and hanging out with family, the start of the school year can sometimes be accompanied with difficulty, stress, and worry. Many of us can relate to how challenging it can be as adults returning to our normal routine after time off. It’s especially true for our littles ones as […]

Nov 16
Why choose Cardiff Podiatry for your foot complaints?

Established in 1995, Cardiff Podiatry Clinic is made up of a team of experienced and caring Podiatrists, helping people with foot problems of all ages across the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area. The team at Cardiff Podiatry Clinic can treat all types of foot conditions. These include foot or ankle pain, ingrown toenails, corns and […]

Jun 15
Are all feelings good, even the difficult ones?

Feelings. Just hearing the word may have you running for cover. Sometimes it just seems easier to bottle everything up and move on. So often life throws a curveball, like a marriage breakdown, someone you love passing away, financial pressure, family problems, even losing your job. The list goes on. We asked Andrew from Optimum […]

Feb 02
The important link between muscle health and longevity

Remember when you thought you would live forever? When you could stay out all night and still get up for work the next day? When you jumped out of bed with a spring in your step, your body feeling like a well-oiled machine, and embraced the day? If you’re anything like me those days are […]

Jan 22
Backpacks & study desks: Expert chiropractic advice

Back to school always seems to roll around just a little too quickly for my liking. We always seem to spend the last few days in a spin getting new school shoes, backpacks, lunch boxes and stationery. Choosing the right backpack is not only about whether you can fit the computer, books, lunch box and […]

Oct 12
5 reasons your child should see a podiatrist

From a very young age, my eldest daughter complained about pains in her ankles and calves. These usually occurred at bedtime. Initially, we were told she had growing pains. We gave her pain relief, massaged her ankles, and sat with her until she fell asleep. However, these pains kept happening. I can remember clearly the […]

Sep 24
ATUNE Cardiff: Australia’s first integrated health hub is now open

It’s more than exciting when Lake Macquarie leads the nation with any innovation. This new health centre, which has just opened on the site of the Cardiff Squash Courts, is making history. The new ATUNE Health Centre at Cardiff already has 18 health and medical services on location. Delivered by over 100 health and medical […]

Jul 14
Pilates for health and well-being. The benefits are mind blowing!

If you’ve never heard of Pilates you’re in good company. Our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison recently raised its profile when he struggled to pronounce ‘Pilates Barre’ during a speech. Pilates is loved by many celebrities from Charlize Theron to Kate Hudson, from Jennifer Aniston to David Beckham. So, what do they know that we don’t? […]

Jan 25
Gestational diabetes: Why you need to know the risks.

Would you believe, here in the Hunter Region alone during 2018, around 13.5% of pregnant women developed gestational diabetes? That’s one in 7.4 women, which is a huge number.1 I’ve been asked many times for my opinion on why this number is so high and I think a big factor is simply that people aren’t […]