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White paint guide: Choosing white paint can send you down the rabbit hole

When your partner asks if you’ve chosen the paint you want for your interior, don’t just say white. You’ll be sure to get a response of, “which white?” It won’t be until you see the sheer volume of choices available in white that will have you scrambling for a white paint guide


How do I know this? I’m married to a painter.


The trend of white on white seems easy to achieve right? I mean it can’t be that hard choosing a white that works in all rooms. Ahhh, actually, it needs a bit more thought than that.


White paint guide for your interior


Professional advice

Most customers will choose a white from a colour chart without understanding how the paint works on the wall, which is completely fine. Once you’ve got to this step, it’s time to seek advice from a qualified painter. Something you might not know is that a pure white has no base colour and is rarely used. For example, the paint can be so thin that it’s like painting with milk, which means you’ll need almost double the number of coats to achieve coverage. 


Your painter will most likely suggest adding a small amount of tint to the paint to improve the coverage and the overall look you’re after.


Different shades of white

Your white paint choices fall into two different categories which are warm and cool whites. Think about the difference between fluorescence and natural light and apply the same to white paint shades. 

The last thing you want in your cosy living room is a sterile cold feeling, so choose a warmer white for bedrooms and living rooms. In your bathroom and kitchen areas, you can go for more of a cool, clean white. 


There are lots of different shades in both warm and cool white, so have a chat with your painter and they will help guide your choices.


New vs. old rooms

White paint shows up everything, which isn’t a problem for new work. Just make sure your plasterer has done an awesome job joining the sheets. All nail holes need to be filled and sanded perfectly as well.


However, if you’re transforming an old room, make sure you allocate enough time to complete the preparation. 


White paint bounces light, which is what we want to freshen up a dated space, but you’ll also be lighting up all the flaws in your walls, ceilings and trims. Preparation takes time, so don’t cut corners if you’re doing it yourself. It’s got to be done right or you’re wasting time and money. 


White on white 

I’m a big fan of white on white, but I will say that it’s a nightmare to keep clean with the kids. Lucky I married a painter. 


The trick with a white on white scheme is to approach it one of two ways. 

  1. You can layer the whites, so the trims are slightly different to the walls and ceiling. This will give you a sense of depth in the room
  2. Or you can use a high gloss on the trims (door frames, window frames and skirtings) so it minimises the sterile feeling and provides contrast and depth.


There’s quite a bit to consider with white paint but don’t be put off by the sheer volume of choices. Your painter will be able to give you the right guidance on white paint and you can grab some sample pots and try them out on the surfaces. 


Natural light in a room will also play a part in your decision because you’ll need to effectively balance any glare, so test patches will help with this as well.


Give white a go at your place and see how much it changes your space. I’m sure you’ll love the fresh, bright feeling it creates in your home.




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