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Explore the gorgeous bushland on the Galgabba Point Walk

From the moment you begin this trail, you’ll see the work which has gone into the regeneration, preservation, and conservation of the area. A credit to Landcare, Lake Macquarie Council, and especially the work of community volunteers. We walked amongst the native ferns, along the bushland trail navigating our way along Galgabba Point Walk to the magnificent point. A view of Lake Macquarie we hadn’t experienced before. There are so many different perspectives of our lake and it’s hard to believe they are all so different.


Getting to Galgabba Point Walk

If you haven’t heard of this spot before, don’t worry neither had we, and I was born and bred here. You’ll find this amazing nature walk in Swansea. It’s a really easy location to navigate. At the McDonalds roundabout at Swansea, take the Old Pacific Hwy exit. When you reach the round-a-bout turn right into Marks Street and park on the left. There are a few designated parking spots at the entry point and signage.

On the trail

This is such a unique place, with some amazing flora and fauna to observe along your walk. The trail runs parallel with the road for a while as you weave your way through the high native fern growth. We loved the feeling of being inside a fern forest. Then the trail widens into a bush walk where you’ll hear the songs of our native birds. Keep right when you come to either of the two forks and then of course stay left on the way back. 

Depending on how long you rest for at the point, this walk takes about 1 hour in total. It’s flat and easy for children, however, there is no concrete path to push a pram. Pack some snacks for the rest area and don’t forget your drinks.


Community volunteer regeneration project

We weren’t sure what we’d found at first when we stumbled upon what looked like a rest area. The Galgabba Point Landcare Team have created a resting/meeting point amongst the bushland setting. Where new trees have been planted, signage accompanied the trees. You’ll also see phrases and meanings from the Awabakal people for the word ‘Galgabba’, which are placed near tables and benches.


Galgabba Point wetlands

Without question, wetlands play a very important role in Lake Macquarie. They provide a home for our birds, marine life and animals. At Galgabba Point they also play a vital role in protecting many threatened ecological communities. Wetlands also assist with minimising erosion and aiding filtration amongst many other benefits. The work our volunteers have done for the wetlands has been priceless, with removal of weed and the flourishing bush regeneration. You’ll see birds such as the black swan, curlews, herons and ibises among the mangrove.


Galgabba Point rest area

There’s nothing better than a reward at the end of a trail and the rest area is nothing short of amazing. Positioned on the waters edge, is a picnic table with a clearing that frames the view across Lake Macquarie. This is the perfect spot to stop and have a bite to eat, and simply breathe. You can wander around the point and take in this magnificent spot we call home. 

When you’re ready to head back, simply retrace your steps and follow the track back. All paths lead out, so don’t worry if you take a different one. We ending up on quite the adventure. We hope you enjoy exploring Galgabba Point just as much as we did. 

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