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First Class 22: An amazing collection from our HSC students (finished)

We were absolutely blown away by the diverse talent our HSC kids delivered in their final visual arts submissions for 2022. Our own children’s faces were alight with admiration and wonder as we explored MAC’s annual exhibition shining the light on the class of 2022. 

Getting to MAC

If you haven’t been to the MAC (Museum of Art & Culture) Lake Macquarie, now’s the time, and it’s super easy to get to. Located at the end of First Street in Booragul, it’s central to both West and East Lake Macquarie. There’s a designated car park, and full facilities inside the museum. 

First Class 22

First Class, at the MAC, has been held each year since 2009. This exhibition allows HSC students the opportunity to showcase their work in a proper gallery. Artworks are selected from submissions produced in 2022, with a focus on diversity of media and techniques that represent the wide scope of the HSC Visual Arts syllabus in NSW.­ The students are amazing story tellers. Every exhibit unique with personal experience and expression of the contemporary issues they face. 


Contemporary creativity

Themes of family, memories and the importance of home are distinctive concepts that connect us all. Intimate works explore complex connections to place and identity, youth, personal relationships and culture. A deep connection to nature is also explored with symbolic interpretations commenting on environmental impacts and ecological responsibilities – MAC


Cafe or picnic

I highly recommend you stop by the Cafe for an amazing toasty, and iced chocolate. Tried and tested with a double thumbs up from the kids. Just make sure you book a table. Or maybe pack a picnic and bring a big rug, and enjoy the sculpture park on the grass. You can always grab a takeaway coffee to enjoy.

I think one of the most profound moments during our visit was watching our 11-14 year olds stop, read, and immerse themselves with the works. Maybe it was the realisation that in just a few years, they could see themselves here. A snippet into the life of a HSC student and what they can accomplish will inspire many budding creatives in our community. Visual Arts sure is a beautiful and impactful outlet, that spreads sunshine far and wide.

This exhibition finishes on the 31st March 2023, so plan your trip soon.

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