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Kids love the BMX track at Pasterfield Sports Complex!

Grab your BMX and head out for a ride along the dirt track at Pasterfield Sports Complex at Cameron Park. This is an awesome-sized track with plenty of space for riders. Constructed from earth and littered with small stones and rocks, this track has plenty of hills to ride up and down. Kids can build up speed, learn to jump, and improve their riding skills.

Getting to the complex

Pasterfield Sports Complex is located on Horizon Avenue at Cameron Park. There are two car parks. One is near the clubhouse and the other is located next to the netball courts. You’ll find toilets, covered tables and bench seats.

Dirt track built for fun

This track is not paved so make sure the kids are wearing the right clothes, and a helmet for protection. The track is dirt and stone, so there’ll be grazed skin if they fall. Long-sleeved tops and full-length pants are recommended. You’ll find a couple of bench seats and an undercover area in the middle of the track.


You’ll find a mix of experience on this track, so make sure everyone is prepared to watch out for slower riders and make room for those doing tricks. This is a high-energy track that has been designed to challenge riders who span all ages. If you have a BMX rider in your family, this is sure to become a favourite place to hang out.

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