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Pasterfield Sports Complex: The region’s tallest climbing net!

Tucked away in the forever expanding family suburb of Cameron Park is the Pasterfield Sports Complex. Sprawled across 8 hectares of land, you’ll be blown away by the open space. This complex is so much more than the playground. You’ll find Lake Macquarie’s largest sports fields, practice nets and netball courts. But let’s get real. It’s the kid’s adventure playground and hours of activity and fun that we’re really interested in!

Pasterfield Sports Complex

Getting here is really easy. You’ll either come from George Booth Drive or Main Road Cardiff and all you need to do is turn into Dunbar Road at Cameron Park. Once on Dunbar, take a right into Billabong Ave, then a left into Horizon Ave. As you approach the complex, you’ll literally see the playground straight ahead. There are two car parks. The main one is up the top near the clubhouse and you’ll also find another smaller one down behind the netball courts. Plenty of parking for everyone.

This complex was opened in 2018 by the Lake Macquarie Council and funded by developer contributions.

Kids paradise in Pasterfield

To be honest, as soon as we jumped out of the car, we were all saying ‘WOW’. This complex has everything.

Outdoor fitness equipment

It’s really a gym set up outside and perfect for anyone who wants to mix up their workout. Of course, my kids thought it was a playground and headed straight for it. From leg press to pull-downs, pedaling and rowing. You name it and they have it. We were all having one of those ‘I wasn’t expecting that’ moments.


Hunter Regions tallest climbing net

In a spaceship design, the climbing net will test the kid’s agility and ability to handle heights. There are many different sections here including a rope balance climb and a tunnel climb. In this area, the kids will also be able to test their bar skills on the utility climbing frame.


Younger kids playground

The younger kids get to play in their very own space which has a huge selection of equipment to explore. Kids will have fun on the climbing wall and spinning frame, swings plus the fun banging and communication equipment. They can also climb ‘Fort Pasterfield’ their very own slide and climb area.


Skate park and bike track

Not only is there a 1km shared pathway loop, the older, or more skilled, children have a skate park and BMX bike track! The skate bowl is quite deep but not too big, so great for kids who love to ride. However, there are also some additional areas for scooter riders, and beginners can also have a go.

Down the back of the skate park you’ll find the BMX bike track. A classic BMX-style track with jumps for experienced bike riders or the kids can just slowly ride over them as well.

Netball courts

The netball courts are the perfect spot for the kids to enjoy the space. So make sure you pack their bike, scooter or skateboard, so they can ride around and burn some energy. If they love basketball or netball, maybe bring their ball. It’s definitely a great space for either.

Facilities at the Pasterfield Sports Complex

If you’re planning a catch up with friends or even a birthday party, the Pasterfield Sports Complex has the facilities to cater. There are plenty of undercover areas for a gathering. You’ll also find plenty of bench seats and bubblers. The complex also has an awesome BBQ area and plenty of grass for a picnic on a blanket. Toilets are located in the middle of the play area and garbage bins scattered throughout the grounds as well.


Discover another gem in Lake Macquarie today

We love discovering somewhere new and this playground was definitely one of them. With so much to offer a variety of age groups, you can take the whole family and everyone will be happy. Lake Macquarie Council has built this amazing complex for our community to enjoy so make sure you add it to your list.

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