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Our Lake Mac Directory: The best return on investment.

When you launch a platform that instantly attracts local businesses, it’s obvious you’ve created something of need. I spent oodles of time searching for affordable ways to connect my husband’s business within Lake Mac. Not only couldn’t I find anywhere online, but I also found it hard to find other small businesses. The thing that sets Lake Mac Family Life apart from anything else in Lake Macquarie, isn’t only our mind-blowing website traffic, our extremely engaging parents group, or our relevant content. It’s us. The people behind the business. You see not only have our years of experience led us to build the best Lake Mac Business Directory by far, but we actually know how to connect your business to real customers. This is what we do.


Why should you list your business in our Lake Mac directory?

Advertising can be very expensive right? I can’t tell you how much money I’ve spent over the years on Facebook ads, outdoor, radio, PR, and more. That’s why we created this platform. I’m not saying all of these other options can’t work. However, most business owners don’t understand enough about them or have the investment needed to sustain an impactful campaign.

Why would you?

I mean it’s not your area of expertise, right?

So how can you reach more customers, without this big price tag, right here in Lake Macquarie?


Affordable advertising

Our goal has always been to deliver affordable advertising to every business. From the seamstress in Toronto who mends school uniforms at home, to the mechanic in Warners Bay running his own shop. To list your business on Lake Mac Family Life only costs the same as a cup of coffee per week. Our intention is to be able to offer our platform to all businesses, big and small. So every business in Lake Mac can be found easily and have the opportunity to advertise directly to our parents.


Targeted audience

Lake Macquarie is a big place geographically, but online it’s not. We have the most amazing community of parents in our Lake Mac Parents group. Hands down it’s the best group we’ve ever created. With over 6,000 parents all in one place, getting your message heard couldn’t be easier.

However, not every group is the same. One of the main differences is engagement. This comes back to what I said earlier. You have to have people behind the business who understand how to ensure the group content remains valuable. Our group has a 96% engagement rate. That’s insane for a Facebook group.

Your advertising needs to be seen by the right audience to work effectively. Finding this many Lake Mac parents in one place should cost you thousands.


Local website visitors

Every day we listen, learn, and adapt to the needs of our audience. Delivering relevant timely content makes Lake Mac Family Life a sought after destination for parents in Lake Macquarie. With a family-focussed approach, we aim to deliver everything from family walks, getting out and about, exploring Lake Mac, hot topics, and of course local businesses all in one handy directory. Our local seasonal guides offer our parents a smorgasbord of information. These include School Holidays, Christmas in Lake Mac, Mothers Day and our most successful Lake Mac Takeaway Guide which has attracted over 10,000 page visits.

It makes sense to have your business where your audience is.

Our directory isn’t only for local businesses to find new customers. Our parents are actively searching for local businesses too. I’m not the only one who couldn’t find what I wanted online. This is a problem we’ve had here in Lake Macquarie for a long time, but not anymore.

Not just a directory

Some directories offer a free listing, but they don’t offer anything else. The value of what we do is more than an online form. Once you join our family it will open up new connection points with Lake Macquarie parents. A way you can communicate directly and build relationships with customers. In the online world, you first build relationships, then trust, then customers. A standard directory will not offer this.


Here’s the deal

  • A full-page directory listing, with all inclusions on either of our listing options.
  • If you run school holiday programs, have something to feature in a guide, this is all included.
  • You can become a content writer and position yourself as an expert in your field.
  • Enjoy business shout-outs across our social media.
  • Feature in our Instagram ‘Business Highlight’ and also join the pinned post ‘Directory Short-Cut’ in our Lake Mac Parents group.
  • Participate in our ‘Monthly Business Hour’ in our Lake Mac Parents group where you can advertise directly to our members.
  • You can even list an event or a job for FREE and link it back to your business listing.


The must-read section

Our directory categories (over 160) go in date order. So once you secure your spot in either of our lists, it’s yours. Some of our listings have joined just for this reason. Some have been extremely active in our Lake Mac Parents group, and the results have been more traffic and more customers. This has come from trust and relationship building. 

The facts

One of our listed businesses

As a long term Lake Macquarie business owner, I think it’s absolutely fantastic to be able to be connected with families that are looking for specific services. Its so good to be able to interact with people during the monthly Business Hour on the FaceBook Parents Group, as I’ve found that many people often just need a bit of information to help them decide if we are the right place to come, and in that process other people often read the comments and realise we can help them too. The Business Directory is a great networking opportunity as well. I have had a great response on the Business Hour and feel that I’ve been able to help some people out just by answering some questions. I have also had numerous people come to see me as a result, and all have felt like they already know me before they come in. Lake Macquarie families are very lucky to have such a great team supporting them on this platform and the ladies behind it all need congratulating.

Gail – Cardiff Podiatry

Next step

Directories are one of the best ways to increase your referral traffic with Google and improve your website performance because of it. But as I said, we’re much more than that. Joining our family is a no-brainer to improve your business performance in Lake Macquarie. This is what we do. It’s kind of our super power. Just like what you do is yours.

If you can invest between $2.89 – $4.81 per week (paid annually) we’ll give you a voice and connect you with our audience.

It’s that simple.

Click through here to List Your Business.



Still got a question? send us an email below:

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