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At the LEGO® store Charlestown, everything is AWESOME!

When the LEGO® store Charlestown opened it’s doors mid-August amidst COVID-19 restrictions, we knew it wasn’t going to be an easy visit. Now one month later, the virtual queue has gone from a 3-hour wait, down to around 1-hour. As you enter the LEGO® certified store, you’re led through a rainbow-coloured euphoria of bricks. Well, that’s if you’re brick crazy like my kids. Although I have to say, it’s pretty amazing from an adult’s perspective as well. We were expecting COVID-19 restrictions to limit our experience instore, however, fewer people means you can move around freely. It allowed us to take our time and enjoy the awesome experience. We found the staff all very welcoming and eager to help with all the questions we threw at them.



LEGO® store virtual queue

The best way to plan your visit is to factor the virtual queue into your timeline. You’ll be asked to scan a QR code to enter the queue. It’s super easy. Just take a photo of the QR code on the sign, then you’ll get a pop up on your phone. Enter your name and phone number. You can see your position in the queue at any time and you’ll get a text message when they’re ready for you to come and join the real queue just outside the store. Once notified, you’ve got about 20 min to return before your position gets bumped off the list. Easily get all your other shopping done in the meantime, or if you live close by, maybe pop home and hang the washing out.


What you’ll find instore

Where do I start? One of the most exciting things about this store is the variety of LEGO® sets that we hadn’t seen before. Yes, some of them are extremely expensive, but they would also take a lot longer to build. You’ll find sets for all the popular ranges, like Technic, Harry Potter, City, Friends, Mario, Star Wars, Ninjago, Superheros and so much more.

Each store has it’s own featured display unique to the local area. You’ll see a giant 3D fisherman reeling in a large boot, which we liked to believe represented Lake Mac. On the wall, stretching from floor-to-ceiling is a giant mosaic LEGO® mural. It consisted of 18,000 bricks and took Brickman and his team 178 hours to build. It features a coastal scene from Nobbys headland, so make sure you stand back from across the room to take it in.

You can immerse yourself in the store by checking out:

  1. Their signature Pick a Brick Wall (fill up a cup of bricks)
  2. Build Your Own Minifigure™ stations 
  3. LEGO® play tables
  4. Brick engraving (ask the staff for this)
  5. Large LEGO® range, including hard-to-find products

Kids review

It was unanimous that seeing new LEGO® sets they hadn’t come across before was a huge highlight. My daughter loved how some sets were on display so we could see what they contained and the size of the finished product. They both loved the Build Your Own Minifigure™ stations. Both purchased the pack of 3 for $20. For each figurine, they could choose a bottom, top, head, hair/hat, and an accessory. All the pieces selected we hadn’t seen before, so it made them extra special to create. My son was overwhelmed by the range of Technic products instore. He also loved the International Space Station set, but ended up deciding on a Mech figurine because he could play with it more. Love his problem-solving!

Definitely a great experience and you can never go wrong with LEGO® as a gift. They have gift cards that increases in multiples of $10, and you can join their loyalty program to gain instore dollars which accumulate each time you spend $150. LEGO store Charlestown, we’ll see you again soon!

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