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Tidal rock pools at Swansea Heads: A hidden gem

When I was a child, my dad used to take us down to explore the rock pools at Swansea Heads. It seems like only yesterday when he volunteered for the coast guard monitoring traffic in and out of the channel. The coast guard sits perched on the bluff of Swansea heads but beneath the headland is a natural playground, with rock pools beaming with life.

How to get to Swansea Heads

Take the Swansea exit at the roundabout and make your way up Lambton Parade to Reid’s Reserve.  Here you’ll find a lovely open park right on the edge of the channel.  Park your car and lets the kids have a play while you enjoy some morning tea. There’s a new playground area the kids will love.

Reid Reserve Playground

Reid Reserve Playground has recently been upgraded by Lake Macquarie City Council. However, the grassed area is still fenced off as work begins mid 2023 on the rockwall and surface area of the park. The playground is accessible and ready for the kids to explore.


Enjoying Swansea Heads

When you’re ready for some adventure, head up to the end of the carpark towards the entrance of the channel. You’ll see the jet ski’s jumping through the waves and the big boats coming and going through the channel. The tidal changes bring a wash of the ocean into the channel and the inlet beside the rock pools.

The inlet is a lovely spot to take the family for a swim, especially the little ones as it’s a gentle decent in to the water. Take some shade and pack the buckets and spades for the kids to build and explore the area.

Rockpool exploring

Only meters away are the rock pools which are beaming with life. The kids will find many different shells and sea snails hidden beneath the water. Watch the sea creatures, crabs, vegetation and even starfish. Play a game of seek and find but don’t remove anything living from its home. Teach the kids to respect and care for our special places, so they can also show their children.


Fishing at Swansea Heads

While you’re enjoying your time down at Swansea Heads, there’re plenty of spots to throw your line in off the rocks. Always take care when rock fishing and follow the safety advice of Water Safety NSW. If you’re lucky you’ll catch yourself bream, flathead or tailor for dinner.

The rock pools at Swansea Heads is a lovely family day out in Lake Macquarie, especially for the locals. With so much adventure at our doorstep, it’s one of our many natural playgrounds we are grateful to have here in Lake mac.

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