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The perfect bike & scooter track for little ones is at Speers Point Playground.

Perfect for younger riders, the playground at Speers Point Park has a dedicated bike and scooter track. With flat, paved surfaces this is an ideal spot for kids to learn to ride alongside others. Take a seat and enjoy watching your kids zoom about. Warning, be prepared for them to drop their transport at any time, and head off in the direction of the adjoining playground!


Getting to the track

Situated at the west end of Speers Point Park Playground, close to Creek Reserve Road, you’ll find this awesome track for our tiny riders. There’s parking available down this end as well as the main area to the park. Just be sure not to park in the areas designated for boat trailers, as the rangers do come along from time to time.

Ride like the wind

The track has been set up to mirror a ‘real’ roadway. With a small roundabout, petrol station, parking area, as well as plenty of signage, this track has it all. There’s even traffic cones to negotiate, and some bumpy areas to make them jiggle! With plenty of space, particularly on a weekday, when the bigger kids are at school, this track is perfect for burning off energy. If you’re heading here on a weekend be prepared for the occasional traffic jam!


Riding through the maze

Joining the track is a secret maze, with plenty of hiding spots. Kids love exploring, playing games, and riding through the maze without a care in the world. In this playground, paths connect all areas, so if your kids love to ride, they will love it here.


Speers Point Playground, Cafe & more

Located close to the track are undercover picnic tables, garbage bins and water bubblers. Just outside the playground are toilet facilities. There’s also a nest swing close by if you’ve got a couple of kids with you, one that wants to ride and the other play. Make sure you pack some snacks or a picnic as this playground has so much for the kids to do you’ll be here for a while! Another option is to visit the cafe.

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