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The Chip Bowl – Charlestown Skate Park!

Distinctly named ‘The Chip Bowl’ by locals, you’ll soon realise why. This concrete park has a little bit of everything for experienced riders. You’ll find 3 large bowls in a unique arrangement with all the features skateboarders love. If your child is interested in this activity, Charlestown Skate Park is definitely a great place to watch experienced riders do their thing.


Getting to the skate park

Charlestown Skate Park is on the corner of Frederick Street and the Pacific Highway at Charlestown. You’ve probably driven past it 1,000 times and seen a helmet pop up over the edge every now and then. 

Experienced users

This skate park is ideal for more experienced skaters, BMX riders, and scooters. With 3 large bowls that range from 1.2m to 3m drop, this skate park is not for the faint-hearted! There’s plenty of space to kick back and watch. With some shelter and lights, this park can be used day and night.


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