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Had a swim at Belmont baths? Find out why you should.

Belmont pool (baths)

For many years, Belmont pool (baths) was a popular bathing area, nestled on the shores of Lake Macquarie at Belmont. With a shoreline where you could erect a shade umbrella and a grassy area to put down a rug, this was a family hot spot for swimming on warm summer days. In the 1970s Belmont pool is remembered as a busy place to hang out and meet up with friends.

Safety concerns

Lake Macquarie is one of Australia’s largest saltwater lakes. For many years it was used for both commercial and recreational fishing but after a steady decline in fish numbers, commercial fishing was banned in 1980. Since then the area has become a marine haven and fish numbers have improved with a huge diversity of fish now seen. Over the last few years, less and less people had been swimming in Lake Macquarie due to a concern about safety in the water.

Storm damage

In 2015, a superstorm hit the Hunter region on the east coast of NSW. The community had gone to bed as normal with little to no idea of what was to come that night. When they woke up they were shocked by what they saw. Trees were toppled, homes were flooded, thousands had lost power, lives had been lost.

The NSW premier at the time, Mike Baird said, ‘You can’t appreciate the size or the scope of the devastation until you see it. It’s nothing short of devastating. Homes, cattle, this whole landscape.’

The work involved in rebuilding, repairing and clearing up the devastation was massive. In true Aussie spirit, the community battled on, working together to return to everyday life. Large parts of Lake Macquarie had been affected by the storm with lots of remedial work required to return the shoreline to what it once was.


Swimming baths at Belmont

The swimming pool at Belmont had lost its jetty in the superstorm. Local people who could still remember fondly swimming in the lake were enthusiastic to return this area to a popular bathing spot.  

Lake Macquarie Council agreed to spend $850,000 to build new Belmont baths.  The new facility includes installation of a 70-metre long jetty, a 70 metre long and 45 metre wide netted swimming enclosure and brand new toilet and shower facilities.

Wheelchair facilities

We love the ramp which goes down into the water, which has been included to allow access for wheelchairs. The amenities building also caters for wheelchairs and there is storage for an aquatic chair as well. 

Safe swimming in Lake Macquarie

When the baths reopened again to the public in December 2018, locals flooded back to use the facilities. It’s super cool seeing hoards of kids and families making the most of the shaded tables and grassed areas. The landscaped grassy foreshore areas are a great place to lay out a picnic blanket and relax in the sun.  

The jetty allows adults and children to take a jump into the pool and enjoy a swim. As this is a lake the depth of the water varies but closer to the shore it becomes shallower. Belmont baths doesn’t have a lifeguard on duty, so make sure you enter the water at a spot that is suitable for you. With a friendly vibe, this popular swimming spot will be used for many years to come.

Head over to Belmont baths

Conveniently, only a short walk away are cafes and shops which cater for all of your needs. There is a car park located there and a short walk along the lake is a kids play area. If you haven’t had a dip in the pool at Belmont you should try it. It may just become one of your favourite lakeside activities, especially on a hot summers evening.

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