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Bernie Goodwin Memorial Park: Morisset’s playground is open!

Have you heard? The Bernie Goodwin kids playground at Morisset has opened its gates to the kids of Lake Macquarie after a $2 million facelift. The kids couldn’t take the smiles off their faces as they tested it out. This space has been designed to be welcoming to everyone in the community.

Various zones of fun

You can’t miss this new playground with its vibrant colour scheme. The space has been separated into three zones, one for younger children, one for older children, and another area with outdoor fitness equipment for adults. Kids will enjoy scaling the climbing nets, using the stand-up seesaw, having fun with their friends in the giant swing, or spinning on the roundabout. With a variety swing that accommodates wheelchair users, this playground has something for everyone.


All-inclusive junior playground (2-5 years of age)

  • Multi-play station
  • Swing with pod and inclusive seat
  • The rowing boat rocker
  • Inclusive spinner
  • Interactive-play panels
  • Interactive tubophone

All-inclusive senior playground (6-12 years of age)

  • Pyramid triple net
  • Tornado basket swing
  • Liberty swing
  • Climbing equipment
  • Double perch rocker



Outdoor exercise equipment

Dust off your joggers and get out your fitness gear, because this new fitness equipment at Bernie Goodwin Park will inspire even the most reluctant of us. I love how fitness for adults is also included in our park redesigns. The kids can’t have all the fun. This new fitness centre includes a workout station, multi bench, incline sit-up bench, as well as an in-ground body pulls and push-up section.


“Play is such an important part of a child’s development helping to improve their balance, fitness, and strength. And, as they play with others, they learn valuable negotiation skills, concepts of sharing and friendships, contributing to their emotional and social development,” Cr Fraser said. 

Morisset skate park

The skate park has now been added to this awesome fun zone. From little kids on scooters to experienced skateboarders, there’s something for everyone. Featuring a quarter pipe, flatbanks, and hubbas. There’s even a covered shelter for riders to take a break. You can spread out a blanket on the grass and watch the kids zoom around.


Covering asbestos concerns

The words asbestos and playground in the same article, sure do ring alarm bells as a parent. The discovery only happened once the playground was already closed. When contractors were digging footings underground, they uncovered the illegal dumping. Prior to this point, the asbestos was not in contact with anyone using the playground and posed no risk. The council worked with contamination consultants on a remediation strategy to address the asbestos at the site.

The best solution found was to cap the site with more than 3500m3 of soil. This will ensure the asbestos is buried and poses no risk. A plan to address the established trees was also considered so they could continue to flourish. Sandstone barriers and large stones around the trees would allow them to breathe. The sandstone barriers have also doubled as seats for the visitors.

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