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Family fun at Blacksmiths Beach, Breakwall & Grannies Pool

As a child, and even into my teens, Blacksmiths Beach was a local haunt. Now as we visit with our young family, this beachside suburb has a wealth of activities to suit every family all year round. 

Blacksmiths Beach

Over the summer months, the beach comes alive with the resident SLSC Swansea Belmont. The junior nippers program brings local families together from all over Lake Mac. Their clubhouse boasts a function room upstairs which is perfect to hire for that special occasion. During the summer months on a Sunday, you can often enjoy live music on the deck. Check with the club what’s available in the current climate.

Blacksmiths Beach is patrolled by council lifeguards from the September/October school holidays through until April. Lifeguards are on duty from 8.30 am – 5 pm Monday through until Sunday. Blacksmiths Beach is very popular with families and known to the locals as a safe swimming beach.


Accessibility upgrade

Recently Lake Mac Council opened a new upgrade so that people of all abilities could enjoy the beach. Spending around $380,000 you’ll find an all-access ramp, pathway, and viewing platform. This new access is ideal for those with a wheelchair or mobility aid like a walker. It’s also beneficial for parents and carers with prams or those popular beach trolley’s. Even those in our community who have difficulty walking on soft sand. 

You’ll also find a wheelchair buggy ramp that heads down to the water. You can hire these specialised wheelchair buggy’s free of charge while you’re at the beach.


Grannies Pool

I have fond memories from my childhood of spending many hot summer days wading around at Grannies Pool. Did you know that its original name was Chanty’s Pool? Named after Bert Chant, a local who used to look after the area when it was a camping ground in the 1920s & 1930s. Over the years it’s come to be renamed Grannies Pool. A very popular spot for grandparents to take the grandkids for a dip in the heat.

Grannies Pool is a tidal inlet off Swansea Channel that fills up as the lake does each day. It’s located on the right-hand side of Blacksmiths Beach, off Gommera Street. There’s a dirt parking area located right near the new ramp, which takes you to both Grannies Pool and up to the Blacksmiths Breakwall.

The water graduates in so it’s perfect for toddlers to wade around, plus the water is lovely and clean. Bring the bucket and spade and even some small floating toys. There’s plenty of sand to spread out your beach towel or sun shelter, although it’s a popular spot on a hot day.

The image below shows Grannies Pool at high tide. You can check the tide here: NSW Tide Charts. You’ll also notice in this image below an access path that goes all the way down to the water. It’s perfect for any wheels like prams, wheelchairs, and beach trolleys. 


Blacksmiths Breakwall

Blacksmiths Breakwall is a spectacular view of the entrance to our lake and out past the headland to Moon Island. Around 350 meters in length, this shared pathway is a lovely spot to take the dog for a short walk or bring the kids scooters.

Views stretch down the channel out to Swansea Heads then back to miles of sand along Blacksmiths Beach. You’ll be able to take a Coastal Snap and share it with a community beach monitoring program. Just place your phone on the stand and click.

Moon Island

Off Swansea headland, you’ll see a rocky island which is a popular fishing spot for many boating locals. It’s also known as a seabird sanctuary with nesting seagulls, penguins, and even fur seals visiting. In 2019 a seal visited the mainland and even made its way up onto the breakwall for a rest. 

This Island is also home to the Grey Nurse Shark and as such is a popular diving spot. Divers can enjoy a smorgasbord of marine life with breathtaking coral, rocky shelves, and even arches to swim through as they explore.

Malangbula (The Petrified Women of Swansea Heads)

The Awabakal People tell a story of two women who were turned into stone after getting into trouble with an Awabakal warrior. If you look across to Swansea Heads, there are two upright rocks, These are said to be the two women and they became the protectors of burial sites close by. They also kept watch for the ‘sea monsters’, and would return to human form if they needed to warn of danger.  


Blacksmiths Playground

Adjacent to Blacksmiths Beach is the playground. It’s a lovely shady area with great equipment for the kids to play on. You’ll find seating and space to spread out your towel for some lunch.

Across from the park at the round-a-bout, you’ll find Beach Breeze Cafe, who makes delicious fish & chips, hamburgers and have a freezer full of ice cream.  It’s the perfect way to end your outing with a picnic lunch in the park under a tree.

Read all about Blacksmiths Playground here


Blacksmiths Beach for family fun

When you visit Blacksmiths you’ll discover so much more than the amazing beach. It’s a whole morning out, and plenty of fun for the kids. Relax and enjoy some well-deserved family time at Blacksmiths.

Getting to Blacksmiths Beach

At the lights at Blacksmiths on the Pacific Highway, turn onto Gommera Street and follow it through to the round-a-bout where you’ll see the SLSC and the carpark to the beach. Blacksmiths Point is where you’ll find the Breakwall. 

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