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6 fun succulent planters to make with the kids

Succulents are really easy to work with so they make the perfect plant for kids. Most of the common succulents are relatively self-sufficient and you can easily take cuttings from existing ones you may have at home. They are small which is perfect for little fingers and they look amazing in just about any planter. We love coming up with creative ways to plant because if you can put soil in it, a plant will grow. From tiny fairy pot plants to jars, books and toys, enjoy planting this weekend with the kids and create one of our fun succulent planters.

Ideas for fun succulent planters

Dinosaur planters

Don’t throw out the dinosaur toys when the kids are past this phase because they make the best planters for a dino-garden. Using a sharp knife, cut out the back of your toy dinosaur to create a space for the soil and plant. Paint your planters lots of fun colours. Once dry use a sharp object to make a drainage hole at the bottom. Find a space in your garden or build a box like we did on a stand so they can move around. Let the kids design an amazing dino-garden with blue coloured pebbles for water, some Jurassic looking  plants and maybe a bridge to cross.


Doll planters

Using the same process that we did with the dinosaur planters, up-cycle your kids unused toys and turn them into play gardens. Let their creativity flow and plan your play garden in advance. We found these little trolls which were perfect for a troll village. Left over thatched fence made the perfect hut and the kids took it from there. I love going through the craft box and using all the bits and bobs. We used a large pot plant tray for this one, which meant we could move it around the garden.


Succulent jar gifts

For Christmas, Mothers Day or any special occasion, these succulent jars make a perfect handmade gift from the kids. Succulents don’t like wet feet, so if you’re using a jar, make sure you layer different materials to collect any excess water. We sprayed these cuttings every few days with water. At the top, make your last layer succulent mix then finish them off with a handmade gift tag.


Fairy planters

Up-cycle your old coffee pods into gorgeous little fairy planters. Gently make a hole in the bottom for drainage then fill with soil. Use small cuttings for these. make sure you spray them regularly so they don’t dry out and you can even add some twine and hang some up. If you don’t use pods, then ask your friends. It’s better these are recycled than added to landfill. Create a new space like we did in this tray or add them to an existing fairy garden for a touch of green. Fairies just adore them!


Desk planter

Perfect for a teacher, librarian or office worker this desk planter is home-made with lots of love. Using a wodden box, make some drainage holes first. You’ll need a few wooden rulers, some wood glue and someone handy with a drop saw. Once you’ve cut the rulers, glue them onto the box and let dry. Fill your pot with soil and start planting your succulents. Spray every couple of days or water once a week. Remember succulents don’t like wet feet so make sure the water doesn’t pool in the box. Finish with coloured stones, and we also made these cute message pencils.


Book planter

This one is my favs if you’re up for a challenge. Recycle an old hard covered book by turning it into a planter. Find a plastic container for the pot and measure the cut on the top of the book then use masking tape to mark the cut. Before you start, tape the book together then my husband used a multi purpose tool and worked his way through the layers. Maybe have a few books as back up so you can use one for a trial run. Once the hole is made you can start working on the mini succulent garden. Fill with soil and arrange your cuttings then spray with water to dampen the soil. Decorate with pebbles and tie the book together with some twine or ribbon. Finish by placing the mini garden inside the space you created inside the book.


For soil, use succulent mix, and keep your creations out of direct sunlight. A nice shaded area that has plenty of light is perfect for growing succulents. Enjoy making these fun succulent planters with the kids, and let their imaginations fly.

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