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Have you visited the gorgeous Ghosties Beach cave?

At the back of Catherine Hill Bay, past the new development, is an unpatrolled stretch of beach like nothing you’ve seen before. As a child, this pristine sandy coast was a favourite spot for our family. Unfortunately, before you hit the sand, you’ll have to pass through a multi-million dollar sterile estate. Although once you set foot on the sand you’ll breathe in that feeling of secluded beach life and breathe out everything else. The best part…once you pass Flat Rocks Point, Ghosties Beach cave is straight ahead and there is nothing but breathtaking coastline.

Getting to Ghosties Beach

There aren’t many allocated parking spots, nor is there much signage, but if we worked it out, you will as well. Head to Catherine Hill Bay go past the pub and over the hill to the new estate. Go straight through the round-a-bout and continue along until you can’t go any further. Park along Hooey Street. You’ll see enough cars parked there to know you’re in the right place. You’ll find a few trails through the bush, however, you’re best heading up the small incline of Hooey Street to the official entrance. Here you’ll find the stepped walkway down to the northern end of the beach. This is Moonee Beach and it’s breathtaking.

There are no toilets and no dogs allowed. It took about 2 hours to enjoy our adventure, and we walked approx. 2.5km along the sand. Make sure you pack water, sunscreen, and hats as there isn’t any reprieve from the sun. Our hot tip, take backpacks and minimise your load as it’s a long way to walk on sand.


Moonee Beach

For 129 years,  Moonee Colliery mined this area up until 2002. The Aboriginal meaning for Moonee is ‘inlet place’ and you’ll soon understand why.

Head down the stairs and cross over the small creek inlet. Moonee Beach is around 1km long and one of our unpatrolled beaches. The beach itself is gorgeous and has a very relaxed atmosphere. At the southern end, you’ll find rock pools and a naturally enclosed wadding area where kids can explore and swim. This area has plenty of rocks surrounding it which adds to the changing landscape.

Directly ahead is Flat Rocks Point. We didn’t get to climb this viewpoint when we visited. However, it’s a spectacular view from the top if you have time. At the foot of Flat Rocks Point your find sand dunes. They look quite overwhelming at first but are short-lived, and what lays on the other side is breathtaking Ghosties Beach.


Ghosties Beach & Cave

A perfectly untouched stretch of white sandy beach, crystal clear water, and picturesque cliff faces. Everywhere you look is perfection. You can only access Ghosties Beach via Moonee Beach so it’s one of those must-see destinations. At the other end of the beach, yes more walking, is the spectacular cave. It might have taken a while to reach, but it’s well worth the journey.


Ghosties Beach Cave has been referred to as a rainbow cave and I can see why. When the light hits the cave it spotlights a range of natural colours in the rock face. You must visit the cave during low tide, so check the chart here before you plan your visit: NSW Tide Charts. We visited on a tide of 0.17 which is a very low tide.

Please use common sense when exploring sea caves. This is a remote beach and access is difficult. If swimming, don’t swim by yourself, watch for rips, and don’t go out too far. 


Exploring this part of our coastline will remind you yet again how lucky we are. Walking all the way to the cave will be challenging for toddlers and some kids. Others will take it in their stride. For those with older children who love the beach, exploring, with a hint of adventure, Ghosties Beach Cave is a great day out. 

To discover more of our pristine area, check out our Out & About section.


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