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Rainy days in Lake Macquarie: Things to do with kids.

‘Rain, rain go away, come again another day!’ Today was going to be a family day. We were so organised and ready to spend the day together. We knew there was a chance of rain, but when does the weatherman get it right? Fortunately, rainy days in Lake Macquarie don’t mean you have to sit at home. We have loads of options right here in Lake Mac where we can enjoy family time indoors. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking outside the box.


Ice Skating

With public sessions for all abilities and all ages head over to Hunter Ice Skating. Offering an area for new skaters with skating frames to support you while you learn to skate, and an area for the more advanced. This is a perfect place to spend a couple of hours together having fun. You can hire your skates at the venue and make sure you wear warm clothes as it’s cold inside, particularly if you’re just spectating. There’s also a cafe where you can buy food and drinks. Check out Hunter Ice Skating


Head to the movies

This is one of my kid’s favourite things to do. I’d like to say it has nothing to do with the large slushie and bucket of popcorn but my nose might grow! I always take an extra layer to wear during the cooler months. When we settle into our seats, the lights dim and the picture starts, I know I’m going to be warm and comfy. We have a few cinemas dotted around Lake Macquarie so pick the one that is showing the film you want to see and book your tickets!


Play laser tag

If you’re looking for a little indoor fun you can head to one of our local laser tag arenas. Are you ready for your mission? Grab your weapon. Put on your battle pack. You’re ready to join laser tag skirmish. Run between different areas using your combat skills to take on your fellow soldiers. You’ve got a couple of choices:


Read a book at the library

I’ve always loved reading but using the library really came into its own for me when I had kids.  My kids and I benefited from a huge selection of books that have become family favourites. We just went on holiday and one of the discussions on our journey was the books they remembered best from when they were little. While things are different currently with COVID restrictions, this is still a great place to go and find something to occupy the family when at home. Don’t forget you can borrow CDs and DVDs as well! Find the library near you: Lake Mac Library’s


Enjoy art at the (MAC) Museum of Art and Culture

A visit to the newly refurbished Museum of Art and Culture in Booragul should be top of your rainy day list. You can visit the exhibition for free, admire the amazing collection, and head into the cafe for a drink and a bite to eat. If the rain stops you can enjoy a walk around the sculpture garden and admire the amazing lake views. You don’t get a better location than this art gallery! If you want to find out what exhibition is currently showing click here: Museum of Art and Culture


Have fun at an indoor playground

We’ve got some great indoor parks that cater to all sorts of fun for your kids. They can enjoy trampolining, playing in a ball pit, or sliding down a super slippery dip!  How about practicing their gymnastics on bars, rings, and balance beams? Crawling through the climbing frame or bouncing on the inflatables? While they’re playing you can enjoy a coffee or a snack at the cafe that’s inside. Have a look at these and see which one will suit you:


Practice mountain climbing

Do you have a climber in your family? Have you considered visiting a bouldering gym? This is an indoor climbing gym where your climber and you can enjoy scaling the heights. Children from the age of 5 can join in the fun so how about heading over to our local climbing park and seeing how you handle heights!


Enjoy lunch at a local eatery

We’ve got so many amazing places to eat around Lake Macquarie that it’s impossible to name them all! From enjoying a tasty treat on The Boulevarde in Toronto, to a delicious coffee at Warners Bay. A fish ‘n chip lunch in Swansea to a toasted sandwich in Cardiff. Wherever you travel you’re going to find a great place to stop for a while. Kids can enjoy a milkshake, a light lunch, or a slice of banana bread. Don’t forget to take something to keep them amused. We have a bag full of pens, games, and paper that has been coming out with our family for the past twelve years!


Head to an indoor skate park

If you’ve got a skateboarder or a child that loves to scooter how about taking them to Parry Street Skate Park?  This indoor skate park allows them to keep on skating even when it’s raining.  Enjoy riding your BMX?  You can do that too. Got some roller skates and want to learn how to use them? How about taking some lessons here? Give them a call to find out what sessions are available before you head over to:  Parry Street Skate Park


Enjoy the thrill of Go Karting

If you have older kids that are looking for some adrenaline-fueled fun and want to get behind the wheel of a kart how about the thrill of go-karting? With karts that travel at fast speeds around a well designed indoor track this is an exciting activity to try. To ride the kart you must be at least 140 cm tall. Have a look at XTreme Karts at Warners Bay here: Extreme Karts Warners Bay


Check out what’s on at SEEN@Swansea

There’s always something going on at SEEN@Swansea. 


Play a game of Ten Pin Bowling

Nowadays when you head to the ten pin bowling alley there is a lot on offer. You can play mini-golf, have a game of laser tag, play arcade games, enjoy a meal and a drink, and keep your family happy for a few hours. We’ve got a couple of places you can head to in Lake Macquarie to channel your inner KingPin!


Experience Virtual Reality

Ever tried virtual reality? If you haven’t you should put this on your to-do list. If you’ve done it before no doubt you’ll want to do it again. Putting on your virtual reality goggles and escaping to new worlds is a great way to enjoy some time indoors. The best part of this experience is everyone in the family aged over 6 years (need to be able to read the menu and for goggles to fit) can join in the fun. We’ve got a couple of places you can try:


Play the games at the arcade

If your child enjoys playing video games, arcade games or enjoying a ride on a simulator have you taken them to an arcade? With lights flashing, loud music, and lots to keep them amused this is always a vote winner with my family. Timezone has two locations you can head to, Charlestown or Kotara.  Find out more here: Timezone Charlestown


Whatever activity you choose for your rainy day we’re sure you’ll have a lot of fun and beat some of those rainy day blues. And if the rain doesn’t put you off, how about wearing a raincoat and some gumboots and heading out on one of these walks?  Check out our Family Walks.

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