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6 fun, easy recipes to cook with kids!

Sometimes we just need simple ideas to occupy the kids at home, and cooking can be so much fun. Whether it’s school holidays, a rainy weekend or you just love trying new recipes, finding easy recipes to cook with kids can take hours. We’ve sifted through pages and pages of recipes to find 6 of our favourite easy-to-make recipes. It’s no secret that kids get bored easily, so our selection needed to include simple, fast, and fun recipes. Hand-on (or in) recipes that kids can be actively involved in and enjoy making. We hope to inspire young cooks all over Lake Macquarie.

French Toast Roll-Ups

This takes making breakfast for someone to the next level! This recipe would be awesome to cook for a special Mother’s Day or Father’s Day breakfast. What I love the most is that kids can choose the filling themselves. Loads of hands-on fun with this ‘build your own’ breakfast recipe.

Get the recipe here: French Toast Roll-Ups

Banana Oat Cookies

Banana oat cookies are so simple and versatile. You can literally make dozens of different flavour combinations. Because of this, it can be adapted from a baby/toddler teething treat to a hunger-buster for teenagers. Add seeds, citrus, nuts, raisins, even veggies. 

Get the recipe here: Banana Oat Cookies 

Ham & Cheese Pizza Scrolls

Ham and cheese is a favourite with most kids. I love how this recipe can be made for a snack or even lunch. It’s a bit of a twist on the cheese and Vegemite version but just as simple! Perfect for little hands. All they do is spread, and layer then roll. Not much mess and lots of fun.

Get the recipe here: Ham & Cheese Pizza Scrolls

Healthy Homemade Sausage Rolls

I’m definitely going to make these with my kids. Being a bit older, this recipe is perfect for learning more about cooking techniques. I love how this recipe is still really simple and easy to follow and you can freeze any excess for a belly warming treat after school or sport on the weekend. This recipe uses a meat which is lower in fat, salt, and preservatives compared to standard sausage mince.

Get the recipe here: Healthy Homemade Sausage Rolls

100+ Cookies From 1 Mix

Everyone loves an easy base recipe for cookies and this one has so many benefits. You can adapt this recipe to make as many different combinations that you can think of, and they freeze really well too. This recipe is super simple to make and the kids are going to have a ball creating their own ‘special’ cookies.

Get the recipe here: 100+ Cookies From 1 Mix 

Healthy Banana Bread

If you love banana bread, but not the refined flours and processed sugars, then you’ll love this recipe. Mum and dad are going to enjoy it too. This recipe is all about teaching kids how food can still taste amazing without the processed additives. You can still adapt it for extra flavour. Add some nuts like pecans or walnuts, pop in some dark chocolate drops, or sultans. Yumo!

Get the recipe here: Healthy Banana Bread

We hope you enjoy these easy recipes to cook with kids at home. Cooking should always be fun, so make a little mess, add some laughter and sprinkle in some family love. 

Next time maybe try your hand at some soup recipes or maybe a summer salad that will impress any table.

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