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If your child is off school because they are symptomatic, then they need to be cleared of COVID-19 before returning. This is one of the new guidelines which will take effect from tomorrow Wednesday 19th August. With the current outbreaks happening in Sydney schools, this is a positive step forward to help keep our schools
There are plenty of options to get tested for COVID-19 right here in Lake Macquarie. This list will be checked and updated each week to make sure we have the latest information for our community. NSW Health is urging everyone to get tested if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. If we can help identify
We knew when COVID-19 started that chances were, it would continue to impact our lives for a long time. As we navigate our way out of the first wave, I feel for the Victorians who have had to move the opposite way. I can’t help but think it could be us. Well, it might not
If you’ve never heard of Pilates you’re in good company. Our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison recently raised its profile when he struggled to pronounce ‘Pilates Barre’ during a speech. Pilates is loved by many celebrities from Charlize Theron to Kate Hudson, from Jennifer Aniston to David Beckham. So, what do they know that we don’t?
You woke up this morning and your kids aren’t well. The middle child has a runny nose. Your teenager is complaining of a sore throat. You know of multiple viruses going around school. Normally you’d see how they are, pack them off to school if you can, and reassess later. However, with the pandemic, everything’s
From 1st July 2020, NSW will once again see more changes to the restrictions imposed following COVID-19. Further restrictions will be eased. These changes are coming into place due to the limited amount of community transmission in our state. It’s important to remember that we must continue to frequently wash our hands, practice social distancing,
From Saturday 13th we’ll enjoy more easing of restrictions. The number of visitors at home is increasing from 5 to 20. We can also have up to 20 people in an outdoor gathering. Plus food courts can reopen. The Premier said: “We have done well in NSW not because of any government or body making
(10/5/20) Gladys Berejiklian has just announced that COVID restrictions for NSW will start to be eased from Friday 15th May in NSW.  She reminds us that whilst some restrictions are easing it is important that we continue to practice social distancing and hand hygiene. So, what do the changes mean to us in Lake Macquarie?
From the moment you meet Kirby, her honest nature shines through. You know when you meet some people and you’re instantly relaxed and comfortable in their presence? This is how you feel with Kirby. She’s genuine about everything she delivers, including how she cares deeply about her ‘ladies’ as she calls them. Her business has
Why are we having to keep our distance from others and constantly wash our hands? It’s a bit extreme, right? Wrong. COVID-19 hangs around on surfaces for between 1 and 3 days. This depends on what the surface type is, and other conditions like temperature.1  So what does this mean for us when we go
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced a national plan that will take effect at midday today 23rd March 2020. These strict coronavirus lock-downs are part of stage 1, with further restrictions undecided at this point. UPDATED 25TH March: Stage 2 restrictions will take effect midnight on 25th March 2020. UPDATED 28th March: Stage 3 brings
It was just a normal Friday.  Every week on a Friday evening Terry went to his local swimming pool with his group of friends.  They had been running a swim club for oldies there for years. Terry jumped into the water and started swimming freestyle laps while his wife, Pat sat at the side of
Would you believe, here in the Hunter Region alone during 2018, around 13.5% of pregnant women developed gestational diabetes? That’s one in 7.4 women, which is a huge number.1 I’ve been asked many times for my opinion on why this number is so high and I think a big factor is simply that people aren’t
Hand on heart, exercise helped ease my postnatal depression. It wasn’t until we moved interstate, away from our support network, that I found myself in a state of despair. After the birth of my third child my mother, who was visiting us at the time, sat me down for a chat. She knew something wasn’t
You know when you’re quietly confident you can pull something off? I consider myself a very competent human and nothing really rattles me in life. I rarely baulk at adding something new to my juggling act; in fact, I run on the adrenalin and the challenge of pulling it all off. So when I was
Fear creeps in when you think about just how unfit and completely uncoordinated you are. To make it worse, you haven’t exercised in a really long time! The feeling and thoughts we allow to impact us can outweigh and hinder us from even starting. So I’ve put together my 5 hacks to get back into
Motivation, or the lack of it, is one reason why many of us start off with the best exercise intentions and then fail miserably. Most of us know that making the effort to get out of bed a little earlier to exercise, will improve our health and wellbeing, but that’s not always enough. I can