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I don’t know about you, but my head is spinning. I am however loving the word ‘job’ included in all these new programs. First, it was the announcement of the Job Maker, with the government investing in the arts industry and key infrastructure projects. Then late last week we learned about Job Trainer, with a
Do you get a sinking feeling when you see another bill delivered by the postie? Does it feel like as fast as money comes in, it just as quickly seems to disappear? That whatever you do you can’t seem to catch up. You’re not alone. More than 50% of Australians are stressed about their finances
It’s estimated that 45% of Australians haven’t written a will. That means that almost one out of every two of you reading this haven’t expressed your wishes for what will happen to your estate after you die. We spend our lives working hard to support, provide for, and care for our families while we’re alive.
Are you planning to buy or sell a house, write a will, organise power of attorney, or appoint an enduring guardianship? With current social distancing rules in place, you may be wondering how. Traditionally, some legal documents require a person to sign in the presence of one or more witnesses. During COVID-19, this has become
Are you worried about your mortgage repayments?  You’re not alone. We know that many in our community are being affected financially by the current crisis.  Jobs lost or ‘put on hold’, hours reduced and uncertainty in so many sectors of our economy are worrying many. With no end in sight we needed an expert to
The Australian government this week announced that job seekers payments will be doubled for the next six months to help those in our community who are being affected by job losses due to the Coronavirus. Payments are now up to a maximum of $1100 a fortnight. The extra allowance of $550 will be paid fortnightly