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A slice of paradise at Spoon Rock Bay

In the beach culture of the suburb of Caves Beach, the main attraction has always been the sea caves. This unmistakable tourist attraction is almost a diversion from the real beauty of the area. As we swam peacefully at Spoon Rock Bay, you could see the masses of people who had flocked to Caves Beach. Yet here, just a short distance around the headland, was a little slice of paradise. 


History of Spoon Rock Bay 

Originally build by a mining company for coal transportation, the breakwater’s shape (break wall) is how this bay received it’s name. The spoon shape of the bay is visible on your way down the pebbled path to the beach, and from the lookout on the Caves Beach walk to Pinny Beach.

The mining venture, with Silver Valley Minerals, didn’t proceed after it’s construction. However, the breakwater now stands as a reminder and provides valuable protection from the swell at the beach.



If you’re going to bring down your rock fishing equipment, watch the swell lap against the rocks on the southern side of the wall before you set up. Be sure to follow all the rock fishing regulations and wear a life jacket. Check out our guide to rock fishing here.


Swimming was nothing short of perfect. The breakwater offers valuable protection from the swell. Please note: this beach is NOT patrolled, so if you’re not a good swimmer, I would strongly suggest going to Caves Beach for a swim instead.

We brought down a light weight umbrella and some sandcastle making equipment for fun. The path is mostly flat from the car so you can bring down your beach trolley as well.

Always be respectful to local environments, and take your rubbish with you. These hidden gems are valued and looked after by the community.

Visiting Spoon Rock Bay

If you’re up for a little outing to somewhere new, make Spoon Rock Bay your next destination. You’ll find the entry point in the same location as the Caves Beach walk to Pinny Beach. Head up Caves Beach Road, and adjacent to Copper Valley Close is an open space with a locked gate. This is your entry point. Follow the path and it will lead you straight down to the bay.

Love where we live.

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