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Caves at Caves Beach: Explore them today with the kids

Sometimes I can’t believe how lucky we are to have these amazing places all around us, and only a short distance away. If you’ve ever wondered why it was named Caves Beach then you won’t any more. Discover and explore the inter-connecting sea caves at Caves Beach southern end. You’ll marvel at yet another one of our breath taking natural attractions here in Lake Macquarie.

Before you jump in the car, make sure you check the tide, because the caves can only be explored at low tide. NSW Tide Tables


Finding the Caves

Lake Macquarie just keeps getting better with age. Getting here is pretty easy. Just take the exit off the Swansea roundabout and head towards Mawson’s Close, Caves Beach. Follow it until the end where you’ll find the Caves Beach Surf Life Saving Club. If you visit on a weekend afternoon in summer you’ll hear some late afternoon music being enjoyed by the locals.

Bring your swimmers in the warm weather as this beach is patrolled during the day. You’ll also find a shop at the clubhouse for an ice cream and new toilet facilities.


Exploring the sea caves

When you first look at the caves from the beach as you approach, you can only see one cave. It’s not until you enter this cave and come out the other side, that you begin to see how Mother Nature has calved out the rock. 

The kids will instantly start crawling through the tunnels and making their way around the other side. When we were there, I met a granddad who had just got down on his stomach to make it through. The things you do for grandchildren!

You’ll find more than the sea caves the day you visit. Explore the rock pools, watch the ocean waves lap against the rock formations, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see a crab.


Caves Beach

Outside the caves you’ll find lots of open space to build sand castle and dig holes to find the water level. Then once you’ve finished exploring everything on offer, head back around outside the caves. This will give you a different route back. Discover big boulders, water inlets and enjoy the long stretch of sand which is gorgeous Caves Beach.

This beach is very family friendly and enjoyed all summer long by locals and visitors. Perfect for surfing, swimming with the kids, and enjoying that beach lifestyle we love so much.


Family fun at the caves

I loved this place as a child and now, returning with my family, I have a greater appreciation. The natural erosion and colours of the rock face is simply beautiful. Our kids loved the adventure of the caves and what they found. They loved discovering the rock pools, finding a crab, exploring the area and finding places to climb.

Definitely a great spot to enjoy with kids (big and small) plus visitors. Add it to your list of must-visit spots in Lake Mac.

If you love these caves, you should also check out the rock pools at Swansea Heads.

Looking for more caves to discover in Lake Mac? Check out Ghosties beach caves.

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