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7 ways to celebrate your child’s birthday during quarantine

We may be getting used to social distancing but when it’s your birthday you still want to feel the love from family and friends. While we’re not able to come together physically at the moment we’re finding ways to celebrate virtually. If you have a special occasion coming up have a look at our list of ways you can still party! We’ve collated 7 fun ideas to help you celebrate your child’s birthday during quarantine in 2020.


Strike Bowling – free kids party or adult party

We may be in isolation but a kid’s birthday is still a big deal. How about making your child feel special this year with a Zoom party hosted by Strike? You can invite up to 7 guests who will be encouraged to play party games, have fun and enjoy an online cake with the Strike party host. The party lasts for 30 minutes. After the party, the birthday girl or boy will receive a Strike pass for one game of bowling once Strike reopens.

Strike Bowling virtual parties

Plus for the adults, if you’re missing hanging out with your mates, they have something for you too! Do you have a birthday or something you want to celebrate? Strike will look after you. With a Zoom link that allows you to invite up to 11 friends, Strike will provide a host and some games. You just supply the drinks and have fun!


Drive-By party

Sometimes looking at your friends on a screen isn’t enough. How about organising a drive-by party? There’s two ways you can do this. You can invite all your friends to drive by waving while you stand on your driveway. You can decorate your driveway as they slow down and shout out ‘Happy Birthday’. Alternatively, you can be the one to drive-by with your car decorated while your friends call Happy Birthday to you from their driveways.


Organise a hangouts party

My daughter celebrated her best friend’s birthday the other day with a virtual online party. She was invited a few days before so we were ready with devices. The night before, the birthday girl’s Mum dropped a cake and party bag to everyone’s door, social distancing of course. The children sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed their cakes and made their own fun. They had a great time.


Surprise birthday messages

While we’re exercising in our suburbs, how about arranging with your local friends and neighbours to leave birthday messages outside their homes. They could hang balloons and messages on their letterbox, make signs that they attach to the garage door or chalk drawings on the pavement. Imagine the delight of your loved one whose birthday it is when they go for a morning stroll and discover these along their way. An awesome idea for a child’s birthday party in quarantine. 


Order presents to be delivered online

Just because you can’t get to the shops doesn’t mean you can’t order a gift for your loved one. Australia Post has seen parcel delivery double in the last few weeks and is taking on extra staff to cope with the demand 1

You’ll find that with so many of us stuck indoors more and more of our favourite stores are selling online. There are so many choices available and some great sales on you can make sure the special person in your life gets the gift they want.


Messenger party

Why not invite your friends to have a Messenger party? You can invite a group to do this (Messenger allows up to 50 but I think that’d be too many to be meaningful!)  Click on the smiley face which shows below your video image and you can add filters and effects including lighting and play games with your friends online.


Challenge Party

Is your kid into Lego? How about doing a Lego challenge? I challenged my kids to build a ‘bad guy’ shop using the Lego they own.  It really challenged their imaginations. Then they had to present what they had built. This would be a great group activity with everyone voting for their favourite. You can choose whatever challenge you want. How about an Art challenge, Just Dance challenge, Barbie Fashion Show challenge, Hot Wheels challenge, Baking Challenge or Fancy Dress Challenge? You are only limited by your own imagination.  


Your child’s birthday during quarantine doesn’t have to be postponed. Sure the birthday hugs and cake can be saved up for when restrictions have eased but the party must go on!



  1. {Accessed April 2020} https://newsroom.auspost.com.au/article/up-to-2-000-posties-move-to-support-covid-19-parcel-boom/

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