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The grass really is greener at the point!

‘Green Point’ as it’s referred to by the locals, connects the suburbs of Belmont and Valentine through Green Point Reserve. From Belmont, you can make your way along a flat path to the picturesque Green Point Foreshore at Cardiff Point. Entering via Valentine is a walk of discovery, as the natural stairs and trail wraps around the cliffs and valleys of the landscape. You can stop to explore Green Point on the way. Green Point Lake Macquarie, is a must for a local family walk.

Green Point, Lake Macquarie

For a period of over 120 years, the site was used for timber logging, coal mining and gravel quarries. After rehabilitation work finished in 1984, the area was categorized as a reserve. Since then the local council and a team of dedicated volunteers have worked hard to protect and maintain the area. Green Point Reserve is home to a small littoral rainforest, Forest Red Gum, Grey Gum, White Mahogany and Spotted Gum. Living amongst the gum trees you may see Squirrel Glider, Ringtail Possum, Powerful Owl and Sea Eagles. 

Valentine to Belmont

For a walk of discovery, with plenty of stairs, a boardwalk through the bush setting past a creek, then start at the Valentine end. Make your way to Bennett Park at Valentine, and continue to the end where you’ll see the entrance to this walk where the road ends. You can park on the road, and you’ll find toilets in Bennett Park before you start.


Belmont to Valentine

Make your way to The Shores Way in Belmont to start this walk. This walk is flat for the first section along a pathed walkway. Bring the pram, scooters or wheelchair. There are toilets located in the designated carpark. The walk on the path will take around 20 min before you reach the grassed picnic area at Green Point Reserve. Here you’ll find more toilets, BBQ facilities, picnic tables and a lookout.

Things to do at Green Point Reserve, Lake Macquarie

  • If you’re entering from Belmont, the foreshore offers a natural wonderland to explore, including an awesome jetty.
  • Lake Macquarie is a perfect spot for fishing and there’s a magnificent jetty located between The Shores Way and Sea Eagle Park. Please make sure you have a fishing license and check rules and regulations for fishing in the lake.
  • There are two look-outs situated at different points in the reserve so you can stop and enjoy the view. Sea Eagle Lookout is a moderately steep walk up from Sea Eagle Park that gives you an amazing view over the lake in the direction of Swansea. If you’re lucky you may even see Sea Eagles nesting. Rockyhigh Viewpoint you’ll find closer to the Valentine end, providing a bench seat and fabulous views over the lake.
  • If you make it to Green Point, take some time to breathe in the lake, collect some shells and explore the shoreline. If your kids haven’t tried skimming flat rocks across the water surface, this is the perfect spot to begin.

Distance and accessibility of Green Point Reserve

The complete walk from Belmont to Valentine or vice versa is around 2-3 hours (7 km) circuit. Belmont to Green Point Foreshore is around 20 min each way, flat path, wheelchair and pram friendly. Valentine to Green Point Foreshore is more challenging with hills, stairs and a boardwalk around the creek. You may also choose to walk from Valentine to Green Point, which is around 20 min either way. There are so many choices and ways to discover this gorgeous area.

Respecting the area

Please respect the area. Dogs, camping, 4WD’s and motorbikes are not permitted in the reserve. This is so we can preserve the area for many generations to come.

Green Point Reserve offers so many breathtaking spots you can stop and appreciate the view. Whether you enter from Valentine or Belmont it doesn’t matter, because you can always come back another day to explore. Green Point Reserve in Lake Macquarie definitely needs to go on your family ‘walks-to-do’ list.

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