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Aug 01
How to spend your Creative Kids Voucher in Lake Macquarie!

Did you know that a $50 Creative Kids Voucher is available to all eligible children in NSW to help to pay for registration, participation, and tuition costs? The voucher covers creative arts, speech, drama, dance, digital design, coding, and music lessons and activities. To use your Creative Kids voucher, Lake Macquarie has more than enough […]

Aug 01
Where can you use your Active Kids Voucher in Lake Macquarie?

Have you applied for your NSW Active Kids voucher yet?  The NSW Active Kids Vouchers are for children aged between 4 1/2 years and 18 years who are enrolled in school (from Kindergarten through to Year 12, children who are home-schooled or attending secondary education at TAFE NSW).  Each child must be a NSW resident […]

Jul 13
Term activities for kids and adults in Lake Mac. It’s time to book!

We’re all too familiar with the afternoon kid’s shuttle service, but we also know how much they enjoy it socially, creatively, and physically. For us, we also need our own outlet to enjoy exercise or be creative, and belive me, it’s a huge relief.  If you’re thinking about starting something new, now’s the perfect time […]

Feb 21
Beam Health – giving the spark back to our little ones

While kids enjoy having fun, relaxing and hanging out with family, the start of the school year can sometimes be accompanied with difficulty, stress, and worry. Many of us can relate to how challenging it can be as adults returning to our normal routine after time off. It’s especially true for our littles ones as […]

May 24
Where happy humans hang out!

I’m the mother of 3 beautiful intelligent girls, Morgan 24, Bree 21 and Sophie 18. Morgan was born with Jacobsens Syndrome which displays as a moderate to severe learning delay. As the mother of a young adult with special needs, I want every possible opportunity for her to develop skills and gain knowledge associated with […]

Feb 27
The many faces of parenting a tweenager

Having a ‘tweenage’ daughter was a stage I hadn’t given any thought to until, suddenly, there she was, my bright and shining tween. I think parenting every step of my girls’ lives so far has given me a mixture of emotions. Joy, astonishment, fear, utter confusion, nostalgia and sadness. Surely that’s not just me? Parenting […]

Feb 01
A parent’s perspective: Something is ‘wrong’ with my child.

I remember the first day we realised something was “wrong”. With the benefit of hindsight, I cringe when I remember this was what we felt all those years ago. What I didn’t realise was that my child experienced the world differently, yet we were trying to force her into that box called “normal”. Like many […]

Oct 12
5 reasons your child should see a podiatrist

From a very young age, my eldest daughter complained about pains in her ankles and calves. These usually occurred at bedtime. Initially, we were told she had growing pains. We gave her pain relief, massaged her ankles, and sat with her until she fell asleep. However, these pains kept happening. I can remember clearly the […]

Jun 09
Support your child’s emotional wellbeing as they return to school

Meltdowns, slammed doors, lack of motivation, loss of resilience.  Does that sound familiar? If you can relate, your child may be experiencing a decline in emotional wellbeing. To be honest, in this current world climate, how can they not be! The uncertainty and fear have been immense and has had a significant impact on the […]

May 06
12 ideas to keep a preschooler amused at home

We love our little bundles of joy. As they slowly empty their wardrobe of the neatly folded clothes and throw them across the bedroom, it’s hard not to smile at their determination. Then you’ll find all the books removed from the bookshelf or the sticky handprints. I’ve even found play-doh stuck to the carpet! The […]