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Jul 17
11 things you must do before the kids go back to school

We all know that whilst the days might feel long (Mum joke!!), they’ll fly by in a blur. Then, like clockwork the day before school starts, there’ll be a mad panic about school uniforms, shoes, and bags. That’s when you remember the lost hat, the broken zipper, or the stationery you needed to buy and […]

Jul 17
School vouchers & learn to swim vouchers!

In 2024 the Creative Kids & Active Kids vouchers became one. The government also changed the eligibility criteria, so they are no longer available to everyone. The vouchers help families with eligible school-aged children pay for sports, recreational, creative or cultural activities. However the First Lap Learn to Swim voucher was also introduced with fewer […]

Jul 17
A parent’s perspective: Something is ‘wrong’ with my child.

I remember the first day we realised something was “wrong”. With the benefit of hindsight, I cringe when I remember this was what we felt all those years ago. What I didn’t realise was that my child experienced the world differently, yet we were trying to force her into that box called “normal”. Like many […]

Jul 16
Easing anxiety in kids going back to school

I don’t know about your kids, but going back to school can be a love-hate relationship for us. First, it’s the rushing around getting all the things you left until the last minute, then once that’s all done it’s the waiting game. Having a tween in the house, nervous energy can be challenging. Once upon […]

Jul 16
A parent’s guide for when to see a Speech Pathologist

We all know that children develop at different rates. They all need support and nurturing to find their first smile, take their first steps, and utter their first words. When they grow and develop, their needs grow too, some more than others. As parents, we want our children to be able to communicate their needs […]

Jul 13
Term activities for kids and adults in Lake Mac. It’s time to book!

We’re all too familiar with the afternoon kid’s shuttle service, but we also know how much they enjoy it socially, creatively, and physically. For us, we also need our own outlet to enjoy exercise or be creative, and belive me, it’s a huge relief.  If you’re thinking about starting something new, now’s the perfect time […]

May 24
Where happy humans hang out!

I’m the mother of 3 beautiful intelligent girls, Morgan 24, Bree 21 and Sophie 18. Morgan was born with Jacobsens Syndrome which displays as a moderate to severe learning delay. As the mother of a young adult with special needs, I want every possible opportunity for her to develop skills and gain knowledge associated with […]

Feb 27
The many faces of parenting a tweenager

Having a ‘tweenage’ daughter was a stage I hadn’t given any thought to until, suddenly, there she was, my bright and shining tween. I think parenting every step of my girls’ lives so far has given me a mixture of emotions. Joy, astonishment, fear, utter confusion, nostalgia and sadness. Surely that’s not just me? Parenting […]

Jun 15
Are all feelings good, even the difficult ones?

Feelings. Just hearing the word may have you running for cover. Sometimes it just seems easier to bottle everything up and move on. So often life throws a curveball, like a marriage breakdown, someone you love passing away, financial pressure, family problems, even losing your job. The list goes on. We asked Andrew from Optimum […]

Oct 12
5 reasons your child should see a podiatrist

From a very young age, my eldest daughter complained about pains in her ankles and calves. These usually occurred at bedtime. Initially, we were told she had growing pains. We gave her pain relief, massaged her ankles, and sat with her until she fell asleep. However, these pains kept happening. I can remember clearly the […]