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Term activities for kids and adults in Lake Mac. It’s time to book!

We’re all too familiar with the afternoon kid’s shuttle service, but we also know how much they enjoy it socially, creatively, and physically. For us, we also need our own outlet to enjoy exercise or be creative, and doing it in a COVIDSafe way, is a huge relief. 

If you’re thinking about starting something new, now’s the perfect time to support our local Lake Mac businesses. Kids can enjoy extra physical activities, learn to dance, to sing or improve their sporting skills and we can do something for ourselves too. We deserve it after all. 

For kids

We’ve got loads of activities and sport your kids can enjoy after school or on the weekend. Don’t forget the government provides 2 x Active Kids Vouchers and 1 x Creative Kids Vouchers to go towards the cost. Read all about it here:  Creative Kids Vouchers / Active Kids Vouchers 

For Adults

It’s a hard balance between work, life and some time out for you. You’ve always got to find time for yourself. It really does make for better parenting and mental health. This parenting gig is exhausting. Have a look through our options for what’s on in Lake Mac and support local first.

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