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Swansea channel walk, ride and explore the bridge

Ever driven over Swansea Bridge and not even thought twice about what’s below? We decided to explore the stretch from the Swansea boat ramp all the way to the RSL on the other side of the bridge. What a glorious part of Lake Mac! Take in the breathtaking view, passing water traffic, wildlife, and much more on the Swansea Channel walk. 


Getting to Swansea channel walk

You’ll find a car park and street parking located at the boat ramp at Swansea. Simply follow Channel Street right to the end. You’ll find toilets at this car park as well. If you’re coming from Belmont you’ll need to cross the bridge and turn right and make your way to Channel Street. From the Swansea side, stay left and turn off before the bridge.

Walk, ride and skate 

This path is suitable for scooters, bikes, prams, and wheelchairs and took us about 45min to complete as a round trip.  We were welcomed by pelicans at the boat ramp, who were patiently waiting for some scraps from the fishing boats. 

Locals and visitors were enjoying a lovely afternoon by the channel, fishing, diving, and catching up with friends. Boats, cruisers, and jetski’s entertained us as we made our way along the path towards Swansea Bridge.


Swansea skate park & playground

Across the road, adjacent to the channel, kids can explore the local Swansea skate park and Chapman Oval Playground. The skate park is massive, offering something for all levels and skills. If you’ve got little ones, kids can have a play on the equipment nearby set amount the shady trees. You’ll also find toilets and outdoor basins at the back of the playground which is open to the public. 


Swansea Bridge

I remember crossing Swansea Bridge as a child and if we were lucky we’d catch it when it opened up to let the passing boats through. Make sure you time your visit with a bridge open. The kids just love it. Check for regular opening times here: Swansea Bridge Openings

We had no idea you could actually walk, ride or skate under the bridge! It gave us a chance to talk about the bridge and to see the scuba divers. They use flags to identify where they are under the water, and we talked about how this was for safety. 

Continue your walk right to the end, past the RSL to the remembrance tribute. 

If you want to keep going, head over the bridge and along the channel towards Blacksmiths: Swansea Bridge to Blacksmiths Walk


If you’re visiting for lunch, there’s a great fish and chip shop near the bridge, and also a Subway. It’s a great spot to sit and enjoy the Swansea Channel way of life. We highly recommend adding the Swansea Channel walk to your list of places to explore in Lake Mac. Lap up the sunshine, enjoy the fresh air, and exercise.

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