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Connect. Motivate. Move. The essence of Kirby Bree Fitness.

We’ve all been in that place where you just don’t feel good about yourself. It might be your weight, your fitness, your mindset, or a combination of all 3. There can be many triggers that lead you to this place. Even a seasonal change can be a trigger. You know that moment when you put on your jeans, only to find they don’t fit. Maybe you’ve not long had a baby, and the pressure of getting yourself back is completely overwhelming. There are also many of us at the other end, going through menopause. Once again feeling like we aren’t in control of our body.

It doesn’t matter where you’re at in life, being a woman and feeling good about yourself is paramount to not only you but those around you, like your family. As women, we’re constantly pushed and pulled in ways that we don’t even recognise. That’s why we understand your fitness journey is more than the act of exercising. Without the connection and motivation, it’s really hard to move. I created Kirby Bree Fitness for every woman at every stage of life.

About Kirby Bree

You know when you can’t find something in the marketplace? When you’re looking for something specific and it’s just not there? Some would walk away, disappointed and just accept it’s not available. Not me. This is the reason behind Kirby Bree Fitness and why we continue to be the lighthouse for women across Lake Macquarie.

Even though I have always loved fitness, that doesn’t mean I enjoy training at any gym. Especially after my 3rd child, and carrying post-natal depression. At the time, I felt there was no support available to me, where I felt connected and motivated.

I think when you understand first hand why so many women avoid gyms, it enables you to create the stepping stones for a smooth transition to fitness, and one that lasts a lifetime.

Joining our family

Once you join Kirby Bree Fitness you won’t want to leave. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly one thing that keeps our ladies coming back. Most say it’s a combination of reasons.

  • Unlimited classes and a range of times which you can book into each week.
  • The variety of classes, from metapwr, boxing, freestyle circuit, metafit, ABT (abs, butt & thighs), total body strength, yoga, Thrive Beyond 60, and even mums & bubs classes.
  • 30min and 45min classes so you can get back to living your best life.
  • Motivation, friendships, and empowerment without competition or judgement.
  • A fully enclosed play area, where you can watch your little humans while you work out.
  • The feeling of belonging and acceptance, no matter which stage of life you’re in.

We understand women’s needs and the importance of including everything in your fitness journey. It’s our secret sauce!


28 Day Fitness Kickstart

Once you’ve made the decision to improve your health & well-being, we’d love to help you get started. Our signature 28-Day Fitness Kickstart program allows you to meet our community, experience the workouts, and feel comfortable with your decision before joining. 

Our 28-Day Fitness Kickstart program gives you a 30-minute initial consultation where we sit down together and chat about you and your goals, we also provide a basic movement assessment to help you get into classes with confidence and ease, we provide nutrition guidance and weekly check-ins with your own personal coach over the course of the 28 days at a weekly cost of $50 per week. The majority of ladies that come to our gym want real change and real results, we are experts in our industry and know what women need to achieve their goals.


My fitness studio is a place for every woman. We want you to feel worthy of investing in you. Building your confidence and courage in a place you feel like you belong.

When you can give this to women, it builds a foundation for fitness that delivers results way beyond what you could ever expect. No matter where you’re at right now, where you would like to be, it’s all within reach as long as you’ve got the support in place to get there.

Kirby Bree Fitness is that place.   

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