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See the ducks on Owens Walk Redhead.

Running parallel to the beach and weaving its way through the coastal landscape is Owens Walk at Redhead. There is so much to see from the viewing platforms to the shaded pathway leading you right to the local wetlands. These wetlands cross over through Belmont & Redhead. This walk is perfect to explore the local area with the whole family, after a play at Webb Park playground. Lots to see and do especially once you reach the duck pond.


Getting to the walk & the ducks

You can easily just visit the ducks if you park in Cains Street and walk through on the path. Or if you’re after a longer activity like a morning out with the family, then park at Webb Park Playground and enjoy the complete experience.

Owens Walk Redhead

In recognition for their work in the local Redhead community, this walkway was named after Ken & Audrey Owens. The bushland along the path has been beautifully restored and the landscape constantly changes as you progress along the walkway. 

You’ll find this walk both pram and wheelchair friendly and constructed with sections of metal boardwalk and concrete path. 

There’s lots of wildlife along the way to look out for, so keep the kids animal spotting to see what they can find.


Duck pond on Owens Walk

The wetlands between Belmont & Redhead are a buzz with swamp life and the ducks, swamp-hens and egrets come out of nowhere on your arrival. The custom built bridge complete with a built in bench seat welcomes visitors to stop and enjoy the view. 

We always take a little bit of food to feed the ducks and the kids enjoy spreading the love around to ensure even distribution. They just love connecting with nature and experiencing the gathering of wildlife on this bridge.


From the bridge you can walk straight through to the beach. If you’re up for a bigger walk do the full circuit and come back via the beach. Redhead is a gorgeous part of Lake Macquarie and this walk is a must for a family activity.

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