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Webb Park Playground, Redhead: The best beach inspired fun!

From the surfboard flying fox to the wave-shaped climbing net, Webb Park Playground captures Redhead’s beach culture perfectly. You’ll love the unique design and thought which has gone into this playground. Redhead is one of our favourite local haunts because not only is the playground amazing we can also enjoy Owens walk and visiting the ducks.

Getting to Webb Park Playground

Webb Park Playground is located on Beach Road at Redhead. The playground is visible from the road and in proximity to the surf clubhouse. You’ve got two options to get to Redhead. You can come in from Belmont North end, or from Whitebridge/Dudley side. There’s a dedicated car park for this playground and you can easily park on the road if that’s full.

Playground surf-themed equipment

Flying fox surfboard

The kids will love the flying fox with its surfboard take-off platform and the free ride down to the end. It’s not too high or long, so it’s okay for thrill-seeking younger kids to have a go, as long as you help them get on and bring it back. Like most flying foxes, the kids need to hold on tight at the end as it bounces back. Short rides mean a lot more turns, so all the kids get to enjoy this ride.


Wave climbing net & spring surfboard

This climbing net is awesome. The kids can climb it from the back or the front. There’s a sliding mat built into the front of the wave so they can come down faster if they wish. Underneath the wave is a surfboard for kids to make pretend and ride the wave into shore. There’s also a freestanding surfboard on a spring to test their balancing skills and get a feel for riding a surfboard.


For the younger kids

Kids can climb, slide and explore on the playground fort. I love how this playground has something for everyone. The younger kids can also ride a dolphin and enjoy the swings. There’s a stone surround that goes all the way around the playground edge. We loved watching the younger kids balance their way around playing follow the leader.

Webb Park Facilities

Complete with picnic tables, a BBQ area and toilets this playground caters for a large gathering or a family picnic. 

There’s plenty of grassed areas around the playground for the kids to run and play. If your kids love to kick a soccer ball or throw a Frisbee, make sure you bring them along. 


Redhead’s beach side exploring

This playground is definitely going to impress the kids and burn some energy. Although, Redhead has much more to offer. If you’re up for a family morning out, the Owens Walkway and visiting the duck pond is a must for kids. You can enjoy the flat pram-friendly boardwalk that weaves its way parallel with the beach. You’ll find direct access from the playground and you can follow the walkway right down to the duck pond in the Belmont/Redhead wetlands.

Read all about it here: See the ducks on Owens Walk Redhead

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