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Family-friendly Redhead Beach, shark tower & more.

From sunrise to sunset, this beach is known for its picturesque landscape. There’s always a photographer, professional or amateur, with their camera out trying to capture this little piece of paradise we call Redhead Beach. It’s the iconic shark tower, that always steals the show. As the spectacular headland contrasts against the morning or afternoon sun, you’ll quickly see how Redhead got it’s name.

Getting to Redhead Beach

The suburb of Redhead follows the coastline, so you’ll need to come off the Pacific Hwy to find it. Make your way from Belmont North, Jewells or Dudley. There’s a small local shopping village before making your way to the beach. Click the map for directions.

The iconic shark tower

Structures like this were dotted up and down the NSW beaches during the 1920s & 1930s. Complete with a bell or siren, lifesavers manned the tower as part of their duties, keeping an eye out for sharks. Some were constructed from steel or concrete, others from timber. Replaced by shark nets, over time the steel rusted and unless maintained the timber structures also had to be removed. Do you know who’s got the last one standing on the eastern coast of Australia? Redhead Beach.


Redhead Beach landscape

Redhead Beach is part of nine-mile beach, stretching from Blacksmiths to Redhead. It’s popular for swimming, long walks, surfing, catching up with friends, yoga and fitness, and there’s even stretches you can take a dog off-leash. The stunning rocky headland with a cliff face that towers over the beach draws visitors closer to marvel at its beauty. 


Safety in the surf

Redhead Beach is patrolled during the summer months when beachgoers start swimming in the warm water. 

Council lifeguards patrol our 4 main beaches in Lake Mac, including Blacksmiths, Catherine Hill Bay, Caves Beach and Redhead. They begin from September/October through to April the following year. Patrol times run from Monday to Sunday, 9 am to 5 pm. 


Cafe, pump track & playground

Cargo Espresso Bar is located in the Redhead Surf Lifesaving Club. Open from 7 am, 364 days a year for breakfast & lunch. They serve coffee, shakes, brekkie rolls, burgers and old-fashioned fish & chips! 

Redhead Beach is a great place to spot whales and make sure you bring the kid’s bikes along because the Redhead Pump Track is a big hit. Opened in 2023, this new addition to the area, adds to an already popular playground and beach. It’s an awesome family day out at Redhead Beach.



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