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Women fishers: Who said women can’t fish!

On any given day more and more women, and girls, of all ages and backgrounds, are out enjoying what was certainly once a male dominated activity. You’d have to agree that women today are far more involved in all arenas of sport, and fishing is no exception. Maybe there are more women fishers these days because of the sheer volume of fishing shows on TV, social media influences, or like me, they just love fishing.


Fishing with family

I remember from a very young age, I use to love going fishing and camping with my dad and brothers. I grew up in central Victoria where we fished dams, channels and rivers. We would catch fresh water fish such as Murray Cod, Redfin, Yellowbelly and Carp using both bait and spinners.

We also used to catch Yabbies with a piece of meat tied to a stick by a length of cotton. Catching yabbies is a very fond memory because it was loads of fun and believe it or not, they’re extremely tasty.

Fishing with kids and family is a great social activity and an awesome way to build childhood memories. Look at the impact it’s had on me.


Women fishers

These days, I jump at every window that comes up to go for a fish. You’ll find me either in my boat on Lake Macquarie, out the front (local fisho slang for through the heads into the ocean), off the break wall, the local jetty or the beach. You’re guaranteed to find plenty of awesome fishing spots around Lake Mac to suit all types of fishing and skill level.

As a working mum with two young school aged boys, the opportunities can be somewhat limited, but if you really enjoy it like me, you find a way. Whether I’m on my own, with my kids or with some like-minded fishing mates, the time I spend wetting the line gives me the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate.

That’s until…. that sound fills the air.

It’s the sound of your reel screaming away and the tip of your rod going crazy.

This is when the adrenaline kicks in!

The heart rate ramps up!

What is it?

How big is it?

You then lay eyes on it….. “GET THE NET!”


Fishing in Lake Macquarie

Lake Macquarie has a huge array of fish species including Tailor, Snapper, Squid, Dusky Flathead, Bream, Sand Whiting, Mulloway, Yellowtail Kingfish and Australian Salmon, just to name a few. I’ve been lucky enough to catch almost all of these species over the years, except for the elusive Mulloway (Jewfish). The Jewfish is certainly one on my bucket list.

Unless you’re targeting a specific fish species, you really don’t know what you are going to bring up on the end of that line. The thrill of catching anything is enough for me. I’m not fussy. As I always say…..

You just never know what’s lurking under the surface! – Yasmin


More than fishing in Lake Macquarie

I’ve experienced and seen some amazing and breathtaking sights whilst fishing. There’s never a dull moment that’s for sure.

The time I had a mother and calf Humpback whale swim underneath the tinny was pretty amazing. That certainly took my breath away. While I’m on the whale topic, I was lucky enough to witness and film countless sharks devouring a dead humpback whale just off Blacksmiths beach…I know right! Check it out below.

This was an incredible encounter and to be honest, I was crapping myself! It was definitely, a once in a lifetime experience nonetheless.

I’ve gone toe to toe with sharks trying to steal my salmon catch. Even giant sting rays and dolphins have come to say hello alongside the boat.


Hook, line and sinker

However, like most hobbies in life, you’re always learning and things can and do go wrong. I’ve managed to hook myself on numerous occasions. The worst being a lure through my leg while I was fishing alone and then having to take myself to the emergency department to have it removed….nothing a woman can’t handle right?

I often hear people say, isn’t it boring, especially when you aren’t getting many bites. I can honestly say that those are the times I can really stop and breathe in nature. It helps me rebalance, think through life, solve problems and clear my head.

Fishing has me hook, line and sinker and I’m sure I am not the only one. If you haven’t tried it before or you now want to try it again, I can tell you that it’s good for the mind and soul. Plus there’s nothing like catching fresh fish for dinner.

I’m sure there are many more women fishers in Lake Macquarie and I bet they also have some tales to tell. Every fisher has the story about the ‘one that got away.’ I’ll save mine for my next article.

Drop us a line below in the comments and share your fishing tales, I’d love to hear them.


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